Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cloud Watching

Today is the day for cloud watching.. Or it was the day I decided to paint this. It had rained and when it rains here the sky is so blue and the clouds are puffy and white and beautiful. So I decided take five minutes and lay back on the grass and look up. OH I see a man running, I see a spirit bird and I see the almost looks like a horse... You can see so many things with using the wonderful word of imagination. My Dad taught me to cloud watch. He could look up in the clouds and show me so many wonderful things..I never knew their were so many things up in the sky. We watched clouds all my life not just as a child but as an adult too...

So now when I watch clouds now I always think of my Dad and wonder is he putting some of these up for me...

This is just done on paper. I did the back ground in blue and just decided to sketch the hieroglyphics in ink.

So if you have not ever took the time to cloud watch..You do not know what is floating above you.

So take Five and sit or lay back and look at the sky...What do you see??

Have a good week and may you always dream in color.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day and Night

I have decided on the Graffiti Type of Art. I put mine on Tar Paper used for roofing..
I know I have been looking at some other blogs and it looks like fun..So I tried.. It was fun, I really did not think. I just started putting layers down. And I ask my self what is some of my favorite things? Sun, Moon, Stars and Love!!!!!!!!...So I just went with it.
It is called Day and Night.....
I know I have not been posting as much and I miss everyone and I sure have not been visiting as much. The summer there is so much my Mom wants me to do.. Plant flowers and more flowers...Then she is teaching me how to plant a vegetable garden.. Then she wants me to paint her a sign for her front door. I could gone on and on. Oh yes, I know I have to go to the grocery store at least 2-3 times a week..Because she just needs what ever it is NOW!!!!!!!!!!...LOL
Yet I love her and she loves me. I am lucky to have her but if anyone wants to borrow her for a day or two. HA HA...
Have a good week.
May you always dream in color.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I have been dreaming, which is not unusual for me. I have always dreamed and remembered them since I was a child. I wake up and when I know it has a story even if it is simple things. Like this Door and a Heart . I write them down, not always in my journal. It may just be a notebook that I start writing until I can not remember any more. Some are so insane and some are so beautiful. Dreams speak to me. I know some say, your weird they are just dreams. I know some have no meaning but others tell me a story. Sometimes I do not know what the story means but one day it will make sense to me. This piece is just done on Tar Paper 20x20..

It is simple made and simple words.

Yet the story is more than just Simple. It has a powerful Meaning.

May you always dream in color.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hidden Beauty

As every thing in Life sometimes we do not see things at all on the first glance. We look over them and they are right in front of our face.

It can just take a small turn and it catches our eyes and then we start to look. To realize the beauty is hidden and sometimes we have to wait and to see the real beauty. It is in nature as in humans. Sometimes we do not see the real beauty on the outside it is the inside that really counts.

There it is the Beauty...It was hidden and it made me stop and wait and get to him before he showed the real beauty that was hidden inside.
So do not be so quick to look away and think there is nothing there. Get to know them before you are so quick to judge the outside. You could miss a really beautiful blessing.
Have a good weekend and always keep watching...
May you always dream in color.