Sunday, August 30, 2009

Found Treasures

8x12 on water color paper mixed media. I know the color and the detail of the red thread and found treasure he is holding is not very clear.. I suppose I need a better scanner.. Maybe one day. If you click on it, you can see a little better..
I painted the background a long time ago. Placed it storage and then I was searching for something else and came upon it.. I picked it up and decided it reminded me of the open sky.
It needed a bird so I painted. On my work table..I always lay small things around on it and move them around and change them out..Until one day I pick one of them up and use it with my art.. Things have their own timing..Or should I say God had his own timing..We just do not know it and then one day I say oh yes that it where that goes. God smiles and says I did not think you would ever see that..LOL.. The piece the bird is holding is a fake diamond. I found it on the road while taking a walk.. It does not take much to make me happy but that was the treasure of the day.. I cleaned it up and it now has a new home and a new use..
Birds they fly around and have such a great view of treasures on the ground, so this guy just saw the shine of the diamond and picked it up and I am sure he is taking it to the nest.. To place with all those other treasures he has in his home.
So I know there are a lot of treasure hunters out there that are always looking for inspiration.
It is out there and sometimes it is sitting right in front of your eyes.. You are just not seeing it.
I know I don't . but when it is time to be found..Your eyes will open up and you will see it all so clear.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Never Alone

12x15 Acrylic on Wood...So this may be a self portrait in a Strange Art Way...LOL..I suppose it seems I never have time to enjoy just Me Time..I seem to always have things that are in the back of my head. So to Speak. They are always there even if I am not aware of it.. I did this in my sketch book awhile back and I picked it up and just went with it, not knowing what it meant until I started painting in a unrealistic way..Not going with the normal color of skin and not the normal face. I realized I carry things and people with me, even when I am by myself..
I am always turning around, listening to make sure My Mom is not calling out to me for something. Or thinking is there something I need to do or forgot to do. I turn around and no one is there..
So yes ,I have overload and I can not relax. I am not complaining about caring for my Mom,
It is just so hard at times. I love her so much and I would not change what I am doing..
I know what I am doing is what I am suppose to be doing and I am not questioning it at all.
I just ask for a little quiet mind at times. Well we see that is not going to happen when I paint like this.. HA HA

May you always dream in color,

Monday, August 24, 2009

I have my stars on the Floor

So this is no Van Gogh but it is my Starry Night on a Canvas Floor Rug.. I made this and it goes in front of my sink in my studio.. So every time I wash my brush I am standing on the stars.
One day I keep saying I will make a large canvas floor rug for my house but so many things to do in so little time..LOL
I am still not spending a lot of time in my studio.. I just do not have enough time it seems. I seem to be running from here to there and still not getting anything done.. Taking care of my Mom is a full time . One thing for sure is I am learning songs I never heard of.. My Mom can sing songs from the 30 and 40's. She listening to music a lot now.. She forgets so quickly what she was doing . So now she sits and remembers things from her past. Listening to music makes her happy.
Have a good week .
Always dream in color,

Friday, August 21, 2009

Softly and Quietly At Night

It happens at night the lush green moss appears over the rocks and it says quietly touch me.

They came up through the tunnel smaller than a 1/4 of inch in diameter to look for a new Home.
Softly they spoke the Fairy Language that human ears can not hear. They walked in silence and what did they find.. Homes already built for them.

Built perfect for vacation time..The mushroom houses will only stay for a short time and then will leave softly and quietly along with the fairies at night. You do believe? Don't You?
Have a great weekend and remember the beauty in the small things in life that surrounds us.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The View from under the Rocks

This is a 18x24 on Canvas. I wish I could get a better shot of this but it seems I can not.
For it seems I am not one who paints pretty faces and beautiful scenes.. I have discovered it is not who I am. I am abstract and hidden words that may be seen or could be seen. Life is a discovery of who we are. For now I feel I am looking out from under the rocks trying to see my way. Yes, it seems like a heavy load and I think there are days I can not lift them off. So instead of trying to carrying the load, I have discovered to breathe and enjoy the view.
So you see there is beauty even in the hard times in our life. We just have to find them.
I keep trying to do all this on my own instead of asking God for the help..
So I realized in this piece, God said do not carry the load of rocks, give me the weight. You just enjoy the view .
I hope you enjoy the view from under the rocks.

May you always dream in color,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Folk Fest Art and I walked 40 Miles!!!!!

Sorry It has taken me so long to post about the show. I walked so many miles looking at the art and talking to the artists. I am just now getting over walking 40 miles plus.. LOL.. I am just now posting.. It was a great show.. If you guys enjoy folk art and then you should attend this one in Atlanta. This was the first time I had ever been..
I am not sure where I fit into the art world and so attended this with a friend who was showing and she did wonderful at the show.. There were so many great artist. It was so amazing at all the imagination that was in one building.. The thing I felt at this show was the artist were so willing to share and the hearts seem so full of kindness.
Then I got to meet one of my blogging friend and that was such a blessing. Mary over at the Splendid Adventure. . She was just like I thought she would be beautiful, funny and so nice. Mary it was so nice to get to meet you.

Ok someone help me link without having to type it out. I know I have to go with the Html.. Yet I still can not get it to work correct.. Yes I know computer dummy...LOL.. I tried and tried. So I just typed it out so you guys can go and visit Mary and she what a wonderful person she is.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tea and Meditation

This a mix media piece 10x12 on canvas board..
This is just a fun piece I did. Can you say I need a little time for me.!!!!!!!
I don't get much of that and when I do I still carry every thing with me. Worries . So I need a little help from up above and some time to relax.
I am getting a night and a couple of days. So I am off to a art show in Atlanta with a friend. She is having her first big show.. So I am going along to support her. ENVY>>>> LOL...
I hope everyone has a good weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.

May you always dream in color,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Always looking and Listening to the Tree's

This piece is done on canvas in acrylic. One of favorite subjects Tree's.
No, the grass that you see is not part of the piece.LOL>..I just placed it outside in my yard and snapped the shot..Maybe if you look closer you might see a four leaf clover or not. I am always finding them in our yard..My mom loves when I bring one in to her. She always places them inside a book for safe keeping. She says I have the luck of the Irish.
I have been here sitting here thinking I should have a story to go with this piece but I do not.
It is just for the love of trees. My Dad is the one who taught me about trees. He could walk through the Forest and tell you every kind of species. He could tell you what they could be used for and then he taught me to listen to them. Really listen to them. Stop listening to the sound of the world around you and silence all the things that are going through your mind. Relax and breath and listen. It is amazing what you can hear when all you here is silence.

May you always dream in color,
OK , so maybe I did have a story.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Paper , Paint and Blue Moon

This is a mix media piece on canvas. I just can not help putting words when I paint. I know you can see it is a blue moon. Or maybe you think it is just a blue dot, so that is why I have to put words to explain. LOL.. This piece is done with acrylic and ink and paper.

So this was Birthday weekend for me. No Cake or Candles because if I had candles I would light up the neighborhood. Not really! It is the age of woman, I rather not share.. So it is a blue moon weekend and I am forever 39..LOL......
I hope everyone has a great week ahead and their mind is filled with creativity and days of laughter.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Road Followed

12x15 mix media on canvas. I used a old photo and did a transfer on this one and then using acrylic tinted it. I also used wax and ink and acrylic on the back ground. Yes I know the color does not show very well and you need to click on it to get a better look. I did ask for a new and improved camera for my Bday but I am thinking it could just be the person taking the shots..That would be ME.
I think when I saw this girl, she had had a sadness about her but there was still a sparkle in her eyes.. As the piece says .....The Road she traveled took her on journeys she never dreamed. The road traveled, broke her heart but not her Spirit.
We all take roads in our life's, they take us on journeys some of love and lost and journey of pure joy but the thing in life is that no matter what happens in our life's, we can never let life break our spirit. Never give up on your dreams. Where your dreams are about Love or the Love of being a Artist. NEVER LET LIFE BREAK YOUR SPIRIT.
Thanks for stopping and listening to my stories and looking at my art. I also want you all to know I try to stop and visit your blogs and etc.. Your work is always terrific and the places I get to visit and the friends I have met. I am blessed to have such great friends from all over the world. Thanks and may you all always dream in color.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Small piece a 4x4 canvas, mixed media.
This piece is for all that are blinded by things in your life. That at that moment in your life you called it Love.. To find it is not love at all . That you were blinded by pretense of love.. This piece may be small, but the meaning is truly large as life. It goes out to all of those who are abused either by physical or verbal. This is to give you strength and not be afraid to step out of your life and find peace. Love is not pain and fear.
God is your strength and your peace. For it seems in life when things are fearful, that God is not there. He is and you just have to have faith and walk toward him and believe.
This piece is dear to my heart because I have friends I love that have went through the hurt and fear.. Yet they were strong in the end and walked away..
I know there are so many out there still blinded. May you find the strength and the faith.
You might need to click on the piece to get a better look. Thanks for visiting my blog. I do appreciate your comments and all that visit.
Have a good week and walk in faith.