Sunday, August 30, 2009

Found Treasures

8x12 on water color paper mixed media. I know the color and the detail of the red thread and found treasure he is holding is not very clear.. I suppose I need a better scanner.. Maybe one day. If you click on it, you can see a little better..
I painted the background a long time ago. Placed it storage and then I was searching for something else and came upon it.. I picked it up and decided it reminded me of the open sky.
It needed a bird so I painted. On my work table..I always lay small things around on it and move them around and change them out..Until one day I pick one of them up and use it with my art.. Things have their own timing..Or should I say God had his own timing..We just do not know it and then one day I say oh yes that it where that goes. God smiles and says I did not think you would ever see that..LOL.. The piece the bird is holding is a fake diamond. I found it on the road while taking a walk.. It does not take much to make me happy but that was the treasure of the day.. I cleaned it up and it now has a new home and a new use..
Birds they fly around and have such a great view of treasures on the ground, so this guy just saw the shine of the diamond and picked it up and I am sure he is taking it to the nest.. To place with all those other treasures he has in his home.
So I know there are a lot of treasure hunters out there that are always looking for inspiration.
It is out there and sometimes it is sitting right in front of your eyes.. You are just not seeing it.
I know I don't . but when it is time to be found..Your eyes will open up and you will see it all so clear.



Michelle said...

Cool! My favourite colour...

Caio Fernandes said...

hi Katelen !!
it was a good surprise to know your work and blog .
i also liked what you wrote on your profile . i think the same .
thank you for droping by .
see you !!!

m. heart said...

Beautiful colors, and I just love ravens.

Manon Doyle said...

Everything does have it's own timing! I do the same with my work! I really like the background color you've used! I really makes the bird pop!!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this post. The bird holds a beautiful treasure you found on your travels.
So nice to know the story behind the bird.