Monday, March 28, 2011

Do You Think I will ever Sale????? Or will I put another piece on my own Wall

This is 24x24 on wood.. This has been one that I would work on and set aside..I would add a layer and then I knew I should just sit it aside and wait..It did not feel right..Finally the moment came and I knew it was complete so I signed it...Title is" Protection"....We all want to feel protected and safe from different things.
For some it is pain and from some it is just fear of different things, and others it is depression..We all have our reasons..
Then there are other people who want to protect...As a mother wants to protect her children  and then there is God who wants to protect us all and keep us safe near him. To keep us from harm and evil..

The light is terrible in the shot and I know you can not see the color  I hope you can see it enough.

I hardly ever sale anything..I just want to keep them because of fear and also we put so much of our self into our art.  It is not like I do not need the  I just suppose I am protecting my self from the fear of being rejected as an artist.. FEAR is a terrible word and Protection is such a wonderful word..

Enjoy your week and I hope for protection to all and may it keep your fears  and troubles away.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

It is almost Spring Time....

This is just a small piece on canvas..I painted it for my Mom's Birthday..She turned 86....She loves the trees blooming in the spring...So I tried to paint one for her..She loved it and said it was now her tree..So it may not be perfect but to my Mom it was..That is what counts....It now hangs on her wall between pictures of her cat and dog...LOL...
The weather here is wonderful...Warm, take your shoes off and walk in the cool grass...Birds flying, flowers blooming and trees waking up and stretching their arms.. Spring Time......
Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stepping into the studio

I have had a little time to step into my studio..It almost seems like it belongs to someone else.  I sit down in my chair and look around.  I pick up this and that and lay it all aside.  I get up and I walk around.  I start to walk out and then I step back and take one more look around.  I see different types of canvas laying around..Some that have paint on them some of them still white with no beginning.  I start to touch some of the ones that have beginnings.
I pick up this piece you see now..I had started it along time ago.  It is done on canvas board 12x15. 
So I picked up the charcoal and started to see something or could I feel it..It does not matter because my hand just started to move..
I suppose it is the mood of an artist that shows in our work..I am in the shadows of life but it is where I belong.  God is always there even if we are in the shadows..He will bring us out when it is time..His timing not ours.
Thanks for stopping by and I always enjoy the comments and the visits..I hope I can get around to visit.  I do miss seeing all the wonderful art and reading all the words of poetry and stories of your life.
Take care and remember...May you always dream in color.