Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekend Time

Pastels.  I love flowers and yet  I  am not a flower person when it comes to drawing or painting or pastels.
My Mom loves Iris and if you can tell what it is..It is suppose to be an Iris...LOL..  If you click on it you might be able to see better.
My Mom has been really keeping me busy.. She now gets confused and dreams.  Her dreams seem so real to her that when she wakes up she thinks it is real.  So we have  visitors all the time in my Mom's mind. 
It brings me laughter yet it worries me also..

OKAY Can someone help me with the blank space I have on my sidebar...I have went into the HTML and  I can not find info on my side bar..Does anyone  know how to fix this..I am computer dummie.
I would appreciate any help.  Thanks.

Have a good weekend..

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High and will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.  Psalm 91:1


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall and Friends

I have not been posting lately and have been De- cluttering my studio and my home and my self.  I did not realize how much junk I was holding onto.  I have got rid of a lot  but I still have a long way to go. Today I decided to take a walk just in my yard.  I decided to go under my  one and only  large tree in my yard.. My Mom calls it our playhouse..So I am playing. First I decided to visit Mr. Rock. He is the foundation of my playhouse.
 Then  I found the guy who is in charge of my one tree Forrest.  He is one funny character but full of stories

 The I  met these two girls.  They are best friends and you know how important a best friend is.  Priceless!!!!

 So this little guy followed me from my studio..He is full of mischief and magic..

 This is my One Tree Forest that is in my yard.. He has friends all behind him but they belong to someone else.
 So as I was telling you I am de-cluttering my life. I have cleaned and still cleaning it may take a while or a Life Time but I am using this to help me get organized.  Click on the picture below to see a much closer view.

Enjoy the week and please stop by again soon. I hope I will be doing something creative.
Blessings and Peace.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dreams and 9

This is done on wood 15x15.....Dreams are a normal for me and I keep a journal of my dreams.
Some are just dreams and some should be listened to and some we will understand in a later time of our life..Do I believe in dreams? Yes but we have to listen close to them. Some are just dreams of nothing or are they? I dream in color and so much detail it is amazing and sometimes confusing. This dream what I remember the most and was so clear was a male voice and He said Katelen Dial 9 ....Not 911 just the number 9.
9 if you read has so many meanings..I do not listen to them..It has to have a meaning to me.
One day I will know.

John Lennon
He said he had a connection to the number 9.
He also had a song #9 Dream

So long ago
Was it in a dream,was it just a dream.
I know, yes I know.
Seemed so very real,it seemed so real to me.

Took a walk down the street
Through the heat whispered trees
I thought I could hear
Someone call out my name as it started to rain.

Do you ever dream of numbers?
What do dreams mean to You.

Have a good week.
May you always dream in color.

Friday, October 1, 2010

It is Time to

Fun to paint with crayons on Tar Paper......Have a great weekend..Enjoy each moment.
Come on Prepare your self for the journey.
Or prepare your heart for the good and bad of the journey, because it makes you become who you are.
So come on pick up the crayons.. You know you want to..

May you always dream in color.