Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lost and Found Objects or just Faith

Small piece 5x5 on hand made paper. For my eyes seem to look on the ground more than it does in the direction I am going. Maybe that is why I miss a lot of things, but I seem to find treasures on the ground. So I suppose I really do not miss things, I seem to find things lost by some and then it is my destiny to find them. For many walk the same paths and do glance down once in awhile and see the same things and give it a kick with their foot thinking it just trash on their path. Those people are missing the beauty of found objects. This piece is called
This is another found object while digging through an old building. This one is called GRACE.
Where you are one of those people who find beauty in looking down and finding those small treasure or where you are one of those people that call it trash. My thoughts are you do not know what your missing!!!!
.............I am bound on a journey without end....Sun Yun-feng.
May you always dream in color.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nature's Art

This is a collage piece 5x7 on canvas board..It is made out of nature, leaves and bark, and grass and the paper that the words are written on it hand made paper from nature. So it is all natural.
I have not posted in awhile..Life has keep me away from my computer and art does not seem to be in my world..
Taking care of my Mom seems to take most of my time. I am just very tired and can not find the strength or the inspiration to create..
I am not whining, okay maybe I am but it is just the truth..I am so very tired both my mind and body.
Take care and may you always dream in color....
And because I made nothing,
I stare in the darkness toward so many absences
that have slowly turned me into shadow......
Pablo Neruda

Friday, March 12, 2010

Let's Take a Walk Looking Through My Eyes

Have you ever taken a walk looking through someone Else's eyes. Today I will let you walk with me. Are you ready?

I walk out the door and as I am looking up I see the storm clouds blowing away and beautiful blue skies are appearing with with puffy clouds..AAH..

I stroll along dreaming and I find my self at the edge of the woods. I am looking at this wonderful tree and vine that had caught hold climbing and climbing searching for what?

It keeps climbing and climbing.........Are you looking at the texture feeling as you go. The determination of this vine and it's winding journey up to the top.

STILL Climbing... Enjoy the beauty.


It's Here and at the top is Spring Time .


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I shall miss you

This post is for Renee, 15x20 on wood. Our dear friend Renee lost her fight to cancer. She fought strong and brave . She was a woman who spoke the truth about how she felt. Somehow she keep her sense of humor. She inspired many of us. My prayers and thoughts go out to her family.
So it goes to show One person can have a small light yet light up the room.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sketch Book Sunday

Sketch book and looking close the eyes are not even.LOL... In life is there a perfect set of eyes? Not perfect yet they seem to fit the face...

So we go on to the nose, it seems to fit and then there are the lips..Yes a little bit crooked... or is just mischief....

Then you put them all together, Is it a perfect face..No,but it all goes together. I know you can not see all over the face and around I sketch leaves and foliage.. I wanted her to be covered in a veil of greenery. One day maybe I shall try to paint her coming out from the trees a Forest fairy taking a look into the world outside the forest. I see it can you ? Looking out from the deep green forest with beautiful shades of green surrounding her and a light veil of vines covering her. We shall see but for today she is just waiting in my sketch book.
Thank you for stopping by and looking in.. I do appreciate all the comments and just the ones who stop in to take a look.
May you always dream in color.