Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sometimes we Have to Take Flight to Find Who We Are

OK, I should wait until its framed but I need some feed back and you guys are so good at it. It is done in Pastel 12x12. I know a lot of my work is about the search for your self. I suppose it just where I am. I also love trees and they have to much to say. Yes, in a symbolic way. Yes, I need to take some classes for photographing my art work. OK, maybe I need classes in computer to upgrade my blog. First, I need to start to sale some of my art. Maybe?

Today was a good day. My mom was having a good day. So I baked her a lemon cake. She laughed because I put to much flour in the pan, I am not much of a baker/cook. But she said is was good. I did take a small bite. LOL...So the rest of the afternoon, I worked in my studio, all afternoon!!!! I started a new project on a book journal. We will see how that goes. It is called 5 colors of this Journey.

Thank you guys for looking at my blog. I know it needs work and I promise to try to improve as time goes by.

May you always dream in color.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Stepping Out

This piece is about 12x15 in pastel on paper and matted and framed. This piece is about telling your self it is time to step out and take that leap of faith. As a artist, writer, poet or what ever your dream may be. I have yet to start selling my work, because of fear or maybe we put so much into a piece, it is hard sometimes to let go. It is time for me and you to step out and reach and believe in your self and have faith.

May you always dream in color,
The Poetic Artist,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shadow Warrior

Canvas 16x20. I know I will get better at taking my own photographs of my art. I may have to ask for some help. HELP? Is there any one out there listening. There is so much you need to know, besides trying to create. Maybe you guys do not have has much trouble out there trying to get this all pulled together. If you do please leave me a comment . Give me some feed back. Please , is the art worth posting? Do I need to stick to finger painting?

May you always dream in color,

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Time and Blue Skies

Happy Time Spring and A Happy Birthday to My Mother.. She turned 84.

For the color of the sky, and the moment of bliss , the sweet smell of spring.
Early morning when the grass is wet with dew and our feet touch the softness of the earth.
Breathe, and fill the lungs with life.


Where Is She

10x10 on Canvas.
Some where in our lives we seem to lose our self. We look in a mirror and we can not find our reflection of who we are. Yes, it is a fearful time in one's life. It can happen at any point of life, young or old. Where we think we are at the top of our world and we look down and realize, we should be at the bottom and we tumble to the earth. Or we are at the lowest point and we some how open our eyes and realize, it is a blessing to be where we are.
So, I as the saying goes, sometimes we have to lose our self to find who we really are.

May you always dream in color,

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Simple Things In Life

We all try to create the perfect piece of art. I say we, and I can not speak for all you great creative artists, let's say I do. I will sit and think and try to have the whole thing in my head before I even place a pencil on my sketch pad or place the first drip or drop of paint on my canvas. Instead of just letting go and relaxing and enjoying the moment . Why? Because I am one of those people. LOL.... So I stopped and Picked these objects off my work table and placed them all together and realized, its the simple things in life sometimes that are the most beautiful. We have the key always with us, we just forget to use it.

Thanks for stopping and taking a look, Today I am just enjoying life the simple way.

May you always dream in color,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Always Waiting in Dreams

This piece reminds me of a warm sunny day, when two friends, share their passion of creating. Me and one of my dearest friends took the day and sat outside with our paints and brush . It was a relaxing ,and what more could you ask for sunshine, friendship and art and, oh yes food. We also had lunch. Yet, for the life of me I could not tell you what we had for lunch.
No we did not finish that day, we had to gather up and bring it home. I finally got it finished,
It is a 10x10 on canvas. It tells the story of a lady, that waits in the cool blue water for her soul mate to return to her. She drifts in out of time, waiting , floating on the water of her dreams.

We all have dreams, loves and friendships. I hope you have all of these and thank you for taking a look into my world of art.

Make you always dream in color,

Friday, March 13, 2009


This is a small 4x4 and the photo does the color no justice. It is a black and white photo I took of a door at a church. I hand tinted the door and the back ground is done in acrylic. It is a small piece on canvas but it has so much to say. When one door is shut God always has a shadow of one behind it to open. We may not always see it but it is there. We just have to have FAITH.
Today, I promise no stories of me or my day. Just a thank you for visiting my simple blog and may God open all the doors for you. Just remember he opens them you just have to walk through .

May you always dream in color,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The End of a Perfect Day

This is another piece it is 10x10 on canvas. It is a photo I took in black and white and then tinted. I then place on my canvas and surrounded it with texture and color. Which don't all us artist's LOVE TEXTURE. I wish you could see the color, and really feel the texture. Go ahead and give it a closer look, zoom on in.

Today was another cold and gloomy day, so I thought this would give the day a little perfect for you guys to enjoy especially if you are having the same kind of day. Yes I know I am learning how to post and take pictures of my work. So please be patient with me. I may have to take a class!!!!!
So, you know here goes the poet in me. Sometimes the perfect sunset is not always the main thing, look at the Tree. Not just my tree but all around you. It is strong and it is stretching his arms out to feel the breeze touching it's skin or bark if you want to be boring! Some trees whispers such great secrets to you, because like this tree, it has been around for Years. It can tell some stories. Which it ask me not to share and I shall not reveal.

OK , so I love to tell stories of truth or imagination , which ever you choose to believe.
Today I have not shared about my mother. She had a good day. That is a blessing in my world.

Thank you for visiting my world and I hope if you are taking care of a love one and you need the strength for another day. God is always listening.

Make you always dream in color,

Friday, March 6, 2009

This is a 9/12 piece done on canvas..It is a black and white photo and I hand tinted. Then I then added acrylic paint to finish the piece. The piece is called A Walk into the Store of Yesterday .

God always gives us a door to open and go into. We walk through that house where it is a place of the past , maybe not of our own but of people before. We learn from this walk, maybe by just listening to the story the house shares if it is only in our minds. When that door is shut, God always opens another one. So when you pass by a door that catches your eye. Remember , it could be telling you a secret, and sometimes it is a soft whisper. You will see doors in my art work.. It always has a story to share.

May you always dream in color,