Friday, March 6, 2009

This is a 9/12 piece done on canvas..It is a black and white photo and I hand tinted. Then I then added acrylic paint to finish the piece. The piece is called A Walk into the Store of Yesterday .

God always gives us a door to open and go into. We walk through that house where it is a place of the past , maybe not of our own but of people before. We learn from this walk, maybe by just listening to the story the house shares if it is only in our minds. When that door is shut, God always opens another one. So when you pass by a door that catches your eye. Remember , it could be telling you a secret, and sometimes it is a soft whisper. You will see doors in my art work.. It always has a story to share.

May you always dream in color,


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Unknown said...

Hey girl: This one really touched my heart...perhapes we are all refugees from something but I see now there is nothing to fear that the world we hold on to the lives we cherish...I believed something greater and somthing more...when I look at my three kids, I see it so clearly, the hope and chance of life...and I know it's worth fighting for...than I walked out the door.