Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The End of a Perfect Day

This is another piece it is 10x10 on canvas. It is a photo I took in black and white and then tinted. I then place on my canvas and surrounded it with texture and color. Which don't all us artist's LOVE TEXTURE. I wish you could see the color, and really feel the texture. Go ahead and give it a closer look, zoom on in.

Today was another cold and gloomy day, so I thought this would give the day a little perfect for you guys to enjoy especially if you are having the same kind of day. Yes I know I am learning how to post and take pictures of my work. So please be patient with me. I may have to take a class!!!!!
So, you know here goes the poet in me. Sometimes the perfect sunset is not always the main thing, look at the Tree. Not just my tree but all around you. It is strong and it is stretching his arms out to feel the breeze touching it's skin or bark if you want to be boring! Some trees whispers such great secrets to you, because like this tree, it has been around for Years. It can tell some stories. Which it ask me not to share and I shall not reveal.

OK , so I love to tell stories of truth or imagination , which ever you choose to believe.
Today I have not shared about my mother. She had a good day. That is a blessing in my world.

Thank you for visiting my world and I hope if you are taking care of a love one and you need the strength for another day. God is always listening.

Make you always dream in color,

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Unknown said...

Hey, I quess I am the lucy one see the original art work of this piece.