Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sometimes we Have to Take Flight to Find Who We Are

OK, I should wait until its framed but I need some feed back and you guys are so good at it. It is done in Pastel 12x12. I know a lot of my work is about the search for your self. I suppose it just where I am. I also love trees and they have to much to say. Yes, in a symbolic way. Yes, I need to take some classes for photographing my art work. OK, maybe I need classes in computer to upgrade my blog. First, I need to start to sale some of my art. Maybe?

Today was a good day. My mom was having a good day. So I baked her a lemon cake. She laughed because I put to much flour in the pan, I am not much of a baker/cook. But she said is was good. I did take a small bite. LOL...So the rest of the afternoon, I worked in my studio, all afternoon!!!! I started a new project on a book journal. We will see how that goes. It is called 5 colors of this Journey.

Thank you guys for looking at my blog. I know it needs work and I promise to try to improve as time goes by.

May you always dream in color.

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Dave King said...

It's fine as it is. the frame's a matter of taste, but it hardly needs it.