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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Perfect Picture of Love and My Studio which waits for My Return

  My Beautiful Mother .......

  My Studio that waits .....

The picture at the top is of my Mom.  One of my best friends had her open house for the holidays at her Antique Shop..I took my Mom and she enjoyed it very much..She was placed in the Queens seat.. She does not remember now but in the moment she was happy.

The other pictures are of my Studio..I thought I would share .  It sits waiting for my return and it understands that one day I will be back but now we know what is the most important..My wonderful Loving Mother.

I hope everyone will have a wonderful Holiday Season and enjoy those perfect moments that become precious memories.
May God Bless you and your family and friends..  Thank you for visiting and I am sorry I have not been posting but I am still taking care of the important things...Family...
 I do take a look, at all your wonderful blogs where it be art or antiques or just about your life.  I enjoy all of them.
May you always dream in color.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

He Is Amazing

As the story goes I walked out my back door with my camera in hand ,or no maybe I ran back in to get it.  Anyway as I was walking outside I said out loud, so he would hear me, Hello God , Thank you for another day. And as I step around from the back porch I looked around and saw the sky. I was so struck with the beauty of it and the love of our sweet Father.. Just WOW!!!  How he loves us to give us such beautiful skies.
Yes, I know he hears us with out us speaking out loud but he loves for us to talk to him..  Did you know that? 
Have a wonderful and blessed week and remember Jesus is always waiting for you to talk to him..He is a good listener.. Just look at what he gave me for just saying Hello..

Blessings and Inspiration.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Our Tree.....

I am just getting around to a post of this day..10-17-11....The first thing that day my Mom says let's have an extraordinary day.. It was for us.  We went outside and I made her  a sign so we could put it on the tree..The tree she calls hers..She loves trees, I must get that love from my Mom.. It was a extraordinary day..We enjoyed the sunshine and she got out and rode her scooter around the yard and drove her scooter right up to the tree and placed our sign on the tree..
Another wonderful memory...

Yes I am still here and I do check in on you guys and look at your wonderful art and read about your Life.
May God Bless your day.
May you have an extraordinary day.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It is time to take a extended Break

This is My Mom and Me..I have been trying to do to much of so many other things..I am exhausted mentally and physical.  My Mother is my first priority..Why because she first loved me and cared for me and gave everything to me..She worked a full time job and then she came home to clean our home and cook and everything else that needed to be done..Why because she loved me and she put me before her self.. She gave up things she might have wanted because she wanted to give me more.. 
So I choose to do the the same thing for her..Not because of quilt because of love..She has taught me more about Love in these years of taking care of her.  Yes there are things I would like to be doing but God has blessed me with her and I want to honor her and God...
She is slipping away from me every day more and more..So this is the place I need to be taking care of her.
As you have noticed I have not been posting very much..Why because I have not been creating.  Now is just not the season..I have realized that..
I will post now and then but it will be pictures of Her and the things she is doing and the words we share.
Yes, it is stressful for Care Givers and I hope if there are more of you out there caring for your parents..I hope I can give you were of encouragement..  You are not alone and if I can ever help or just listen..Let me know..Yes there will be days you want to give up..But you want..There will be days you will want to scream and you will..There will be days of tears..Let them run down your face...But the best is there will be so many days of Love and words you will share.. I love you Mother and I kiss her soft cheek and she kisses mine and says I Love you more.  It is worth every moment.

I love you Mother.
Your daughter,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If the Shoe Fits

Sketch Book ..Did You know what it takes to step into one of these shoes with a four inch heel..
It takes Confidence and Courage... All of us women have it we just hide behind the fear..Where does the fear come from.  Do we create it our self ?   Yes, we do sometimes  but a lot of it comes from our enemy..The enemy is real.. He wants us to fall and stay on the ground.. So it is time to step into those shoes and defeat Fear and Let us rule our own steps with the help of our Creator..He can help us walk through anything and if at first when we step into those shoes and we are off  balance..He is there to hold our hand until we are steady on our feet..To walk onto new ground  and into new journeys.

Have a blessed week...And remember it does not have to be a four inch heal shoe, it can be your old converse.   Just put them on and be not afraid..

May you always dream in color.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Looking through the Camera Lens through My Eyes.

 I have my camera on my shoulder while attending a small art show in the mountains of Alabama.. You ask where are the artist and where are their creative works.. I looked at all of them and there was some wonderful artist there.  Even one of my very special friends.. My camera did not look to the artist instead it pulled me to the ground.. The earth called to me and all I saw was beauty and texture and color.. My hand reached for my camera and my eyes were open and I dropped to my knees and I started see the world from the ground.. Did I notice if anyone was looking of course not..I am an artist and I do not even notice.. I am in my own space now.

 I moved and saw texture and  more texture..I could not paint but my eyes could  see and  my camera could touch and feel the rich color of shades of greys and browns.. So vivid and beautiful.  I took only a few steps and my camera moved  and a new element was added and it sent me in this direction. Of more beauty that lay on the ground.  Right at my feet and no one else had noticed..God gave all this beauty for me to see.. I felt blessed. I moved and my eyes moved to this and my camera became my paint brush. 

A fallen branch that had been stepped on and crumbled by the weather laid among the beauty. Tiny bits of green sprinkled around..Tiny twigs lay in its perfect spot. Then just a few steps away and I say the final destination of this journey .

A pathway of broken twigs and  how they connected to the roots from the tree leading me to follow it with my eyes and my camera a Pathway .  How it was Perfect and Simple to Me.. As Life should be..Everything on this earth made by the Perfect Love, God.  Then as I left this Mountain. I took my camera up for the last time to remember this day and took this Shot.  

May You have a wonderful week full of inspiration and Blessings.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Sketch Book

This is from a older sketch book..As you can see I have not been posting very often.. It seems I just do not have the desire to create anything..It is as my muse has left me or maybe I have just left it.. So when I found this sketch I can not remember what I was thinking when I sketched it. but I do remember it was when my Mom was in the hospital the last time.
My Mom seems to be slipping away from me.. It makes me sad when I see her confused and  she can not remember just a few minutes ago.  I watch her sometimes and she just sits and stares at nothing for long periods of time. She also is in what they call the last stage of COPD . She can not do much except sit in her chair and just to get up and take a few steps makes her struggle to get air.. Now that her dementia is getting worse she does not understand why she can not do things like she use to do.. She will say things like I know I can still drive or I know I can plant a garden and then when I try to explain to her she does not understand.
It breaks my heart.
I suppose I am just tired my self.. I am not complaining, just tired and I think I could use some away time.  Just by my self to find me again.  Just a get away from the worries and the stress..Does that sound selfish?

Thanks for all of you who listen to me and I always appreciate every comment.
Have a wonderful week.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Repost For The Buried Treasure over at Seth's Blog The Altered Page

This is a really a buried Treasure it is from 2009..One of first post when I started my Blog..I am still taking care of my Mom and it is still a blessing to have her with me..Even though her mind and memory is slipping away from her..Which makes me so sad and I am trying to treasure every moment of each thought she can still remember.
Thank you Seth for doing this again..It makes us look back and find all those treasures we have forgotten and also to see so many wonderful artists.  So if you have not been to his blog..Please do so you will be in for a treat..
This piece I have done is a 9/12 on canvas.. It is done in all acrylic with a top coat of gloss varnish. The Title is called Shattered.. The reason because of the mind either due to disease or of age the pieces become shattered and the brain can not be repaired and become whole again. So it will always be a search. Looking for the pieces, small or large of  your life.

Today is the Day..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Journal Page and New Look.

Journal page in a book that I thought would be fun because of the texture of the paper.. Wrong, So this will probably be the the only page used on this book..So I will tear it out and paste it into another book..That is another day.
I changed  the look of my blog..Tired of the old and not sure if I am pleased with the new.
We shall see.
The heat here in the south is so humid..Just want to stay inside and stay cool.  That is what I do most of the days except to escape to the grocery store.  Like that is a fun escape..LOL.
Have a good week and as Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman...Stay Cool.
How I love that movie...I may put that on my to watch list again for the 100th time.


Thursday, July 14, 2011


A Tree in it's self..
The texture of its bark.
The depth of its color showing both light and dark.
Leaves of green thus turning to glorious colors in the fall.
Winter it goes into a rest.  I believe it is creating  and thinking of it's new beginning.
I suppose it does take naps. It does have to rest for the new beginning.
Trees are like people.. 
The bark comes in all different colors like people.
The Outside of Bark has texture just like skin.
It you touch it you can either feel the smooth or the ruff..
Leaves the same Has Hair. Except in reverse the only thing about Trees they get to start over.
People do not.
Trees just like People we all have to rest and create . 
This Tree has a scar and so do People..Some are visible some are not.
What if Trees did talk and tell  their stories.
They do talk. You just have to LISTEN....Just like People we just need to LISTEN...

I do love trees and I know a lot of other people out there does also..This one I just took the shot of it's scar
I could just see more than a scar. I could see?  What do you see?
Have a Creative Week and Beyond.


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Thursday, June 30, 2011


This is another 2 page from my little book of Sometimes I just pick it up..And this is what shows up.
This is Sam...He thinks he can hide behind the words.. I know, I know.  You might have to click on it to see and read the words..To get a closer look.. If you want to.
Did you know that so many people hide behind their words and really are afraid 2 show what is inside their hearts.  You know why Fear!

So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed,for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you:
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Have a good Thursday...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Ears Are Stretching to Listen

I have been working in the little book off and on..I will paint a few pages and then I will pick it up and this is what come off the page.. I wanted her to have big ears because I have been trying to listen more instead of talking.. I seem to talk to much and not listen.  I am trying and I am doing better but I need more improvement so I made the ears pointed as though someone is pulling  them and stretching them to say LISTEN!!!!!!!!
Maybe it is the book I am reading . The title is called Discerning the voice of GOD..  How to recognize when God speaks.. 
Have a great weekend and enjoy the moments.

May you always dream in color,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reading and Inspiration

24x24 Canvas..  I have been back at the drawing board so to speak and painting over some that I did not like..This is one I painted over, underneath  is too much darkness so I decided to give it light. 
I have been painting on this one for a couple of days..

So my inspiration came from this....Psalm 27:1
The Lord is my light and my salvation
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life
of whom shall I be afraid?

Fear is a dark shadow that envelops us and ultimately imprisons us within ourselves. Everyone has been a prisoner of fear at one time or another.
But we can conquer fear by trusting in the Lord who brings salvation.
If we want to dispel the darkness of fear let us remember with the psalm writer that.
the Lord is my light and my salvation.

I hope you can see the painting  ok with the glare...Is it finished.  I signed it..
Have a wonderful rest of the week and enjoy the weekend.

Thanks for stopping by and I always love your comments.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


This is a small piece I had done and I thought it was finished but I really never liked it..So it went into that pile that said I do not think so but ...
I picked it up and then I realized most of my art pieces I have to write on them somewhere or it seems to be missing something..  So I think my heart is, as my Blog is stated Poetic Artist.....So now I added one more layer of color and then I picked up my pen and starting writing..Now it is finished..It is just a small 12x12 on board.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I do not know about everyone else but it it hot here in the south.
I am staying inside and drinking Lemonade..Yumm...Maybe some iced Tea..No sugar and with lemon.
Have a blessed week and may you always dream in color.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Looking Inside

This is a small piece I had started and set it aside because I just did not know where it was going.  I loved the texture of it and had used my palette knife to put the paint and texture on..It had been sitting on my table   on the easel. I have not been painting or creating for awhile..I would walk up into my studio and walk back  out again.
 My heart was just not  into creating anything.  The truth my heart has not really been into anything for awhile.  I knew it was not but I just did not know what to do. I had starting back into the church and I had starting reading my Bible.  There is where it began.  I had been running from the only one who truly knew me and loved me . I had been running most of my life.. I had anger and fear and Satan had control of me.  I had let him take my joy and my peace.. No more...
So I have given my Life back to our dear Savior Jesus.  You know he never had left me, I had just left him.  God is faithful.
I did know something was changing inside of me.  My heart, my mind and my spirit.
Praise God.  
I really did not mean to write all this down but it just all come out with this painting I was posting.
The day I walked up into my studio.  I looked at this piece and I saw the tree and then I took charcoal and starting rubbing it into the piece and it brought out the details and all I could see was this beautiful tree. Then I thought if we would just truly look inside what would we see and it would be the HEART..

I just tried to give you a small close up of the details underneath the painting.  You can click on either one to get more details of the texture..If you want to..LOL...I hope you will.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope in the future.  I will began to paint again but this time my art will be filled with light and love not gloom and doom.
I leave you with this.
Psalm 96:12
Then all the trees of the forest will sing for joy

Have a blessed week.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Pull of a chair and listen with your heart..No not with your ears... We have two ears and most of the time we can not even hear when we are listening..  If we would just listen more with our heart we would hear so much more.. I am speaking to my self out loud and maybe sharing with you too. 

I love found and free things..Like this old chair..I brought it home and  it has been waiting for me to do something with her. I love chairs, I know I have too many of them but when I see a small and vintage I have to bring it home..You know the ones you really can not sit in..Just the ones that look pretty.  You do know what I am talking about . Right?  I know I am not the only one that does it..I HOPE.... 
This one I just could not find a place for it and it was not too sturdy but it had potential... So I started painting it..First white wash and then some blue and then some red and then some more white..  I hated it and wished I had just keep it simple and left it white..LOL.. Too late..So I keep looking at it ..I knew it was going to hold a garden because I had found some old chicken wire from a old old chicken house..Really!!!  It just needed something  more,because I was not happy with the colors and then I added the words..  Now it was perfect for me....Now the flowers are starting to bloom..I did the happy dance when I say them blooming...You know we all have our own happy dance.. 

I hope some where in your day, even if it is a simple thing like an old chair that has become my small garden that you can find a time to do your own happy dance.. 

There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under the heaven. A time to be quiet and a time to speak up. 
 Ecclesiastes 3:1, 7.

Have a good and blessed Memorial weekend.
May you always dream in color.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our surroundings have changed and so does our Heart

I live in Alabama and if anyone who has been watching the news you have seen the devastion of the Tornados. The neighborhood where I live was not touched but just a few miles around us..Home after home was destroyed.. People have lost their lives.. We only lost the power for a week but it was nothing to what other people have lost.. You can see things like this on the news but until to walk into to these areas. There are no words I know to use to describe it..

The one thing I do know is that God humbled me and made me realize the things we think that are important are not.  I drive passed some of these neighborhoods everyday and never ever think about the people that live in them.. Honestly my neighbors next door, I do not think about their life and what they may need.
I realized we need to open our eyes and our hearts and help those around us..
So I did..God is amazing...God tells us to love our neighbors..Do we? Mostly I do not think so.
When you get out there to help one another. To come together to pick up small personal items and put them into piles.  Because the home that once was there is completely gone..  When they took your hand just to say thank you for just the small things..It humbled me and I will never be the same..I took just a few pictures to remind my self.  I am sharing these with you..  I have learned to look at people and wonder about the hurts and joys..To give hugs and then listen to them praising God just to be alive and not complaining about losing everything they have..
Our church and so many other churches have come together to help.  Our communties have pulled together to help..People from other states to give a helping hand...Hours and hours  volunteers have put in and they do not seem to mind.. They just want to help..
I know now my God is alive and I am truly blessed to be called one of his children.

May you realize the important things in life are not the things we have on this earth.
Matthew 6:19..
Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth,where moth and rest destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.  But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal.  For where your tresure is there your heart will be also.



Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looking Inside

I looked too close and got a look at what was inside.
It was not a place I wanted to see.
It was dark and the pain hit so hard.
My heart stopped and then it fell to the floor and shattered  into a million pieces.
The sound that came from my own body was the sound of a wounded animal.
Clawing and Fighting to Get out.
This is what happens
When you look inside of another human being
To realize your own life of Love and Trust is nothing but Lies.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Secrets Shared

He flew in from the forest of  Secret Words and decided to share his secret.
I am the color of of midnight and I can not be seen unless I want to be seen.
I can fly and see all that is above and below me and no one will ever know.
I can hear all the secrets and bring them with me and share them with you.
You must never tell my secret but you  can share all other secrets that I bring to you.
The Magical White Horse  never spoke a word to the black winged creature because he new his words would be taken back and shared all over the Forest of Secret Words.
He remained quite and just listened and then he spoke a single word.

Just a little story for you with this piece I have  been working on..It is done first on paper and then using Golden's gel medium to adhere to a 15x20 birch wood .  I am not sure it is finished, so I have not signed it yet.  I am still waiting  !..You know how that is..Don't You...LOL.

Now you know, Never tell a secret in the dark of night..Unless you want it shared in the Forest of Secret Words..

May you always dream in Color.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Do You Think I will ever Sale????? Or will I put another piece on my own Wall

This is 24x24 on wood.. This has been one that I would work on and set aside..I would add a layer and then I knew I should just sit it aside and wait..It did not feel right..Finally the moment came and I knew it was complete so I signed it...Title is" Protection"....We all want to feel protected and safe from different things.
For some it is pain and from some it is just fear of different things, and others it is depression..We all have our reasons..
Then there are other people who want to protect...As a mother wants to protect her children  and then there is God who wants to protect us all and keep us safe near him. To keep us from harm and evil..

The light is terrible in the shot and I know you can not see the color  I hope you can see it enough.

I hardly ever sale anything..I just want to keep them because of fear and also we put so much of our self into our art.  It is not like I do not need the  I just suppose I am protecting my self from the fear of being rejected as an artist.. FEAR is a terrible word and Protection is such a wonderful word..

Enjoy your week and I hope for protection to all and may it keep your fears  and troubles away.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

It is almost Spring Time....

This is just a small piece on canvas..I painted it for my Mom's Birthday..She turned 86....She loves the trees blooming in the spring...So I tried to paint one for her..She loved it and said it was now her tree..So it may not be perfect but to my Mom it was..That is what counts....It now hangs on her wall between pictures of her cat and dog...LOL...
The weather here is wonderful...Warm, take your shoes off and walk in the cool grass...Birds flying, flowers blooming and trees waking up and stretching their arms.. Spring Time......
Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stepping into the studio

I have had a little time to step into my studio..It almost seems like it belongs to someone else.  I sit down in my chair and look around.  I pick up this and that and lay it all aside.  I get up and I walk around.  I start to walk out and then I step back and take one more look around.  I see different types of canvas laying around..Some that have paint on them some of them still white with no beginning.  I start to touch some of the ones that have beginnings.
I pick up this piece you see now..I had started it along time ago.  It is done on canvas board 12x15. 
So I picked up the charcoal and started to see something or could I feel it..It does not matter because my hand just started to move..
I suppose it is the mood of an artist that shows in our work..I am in the shadows of life but it is where I belong.  God is always there even if we are in the shadows..He will bring us out when it is time..His timing not ours.
Thanks for stopping by and I always enjoy the comments and the visits..I hope I can get around to visit.  I do miss seeing all the wonderful art and reading all the words of poetry and stories of your life.
Take care and remember...May you always dream in color.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Covered in Layers

This is just a photograph I took last summer while walking through an old house that was falling in that once was someone's home.
So I suppose what I am saying is I feel covered in layers of life and I do not know which layer to take off.  Why because I do not know where to begin. You can try to save the best layer but what if you take off the wrong layer and destroy the one you are trying to save.   So I suppose you just try and pray that God is holding your hand to help you make the right choice.
I have not posted in a while and I have not been keeping up with all other there in blogger land but Life has a way of  making us realizing we only have so much time and energy. 

My Mom did get out of the hospital. She is home but somewhere her fight and spirit did not come home with us.  She is still very weak and sick..  I keep looking for that woman I call Mother but I can not find her instead I see this little lady that stares into a empty space and looks very tired..  Sometime I see her but she seems like she is covered in layers and every once in awhile a piece falls off and I get a small glimpse of my Mom.  It is all in God's hands.
So Hospice has come in to help and trust me it is not enough help.. In life there are only certain times that I wish I had been blessed with more income. This is one of those times when you want to take care of the people you love and money is an issue.. Such as Life..Right... 
I suppose I am just rambling on and if you have not been reading my blog you will wonder why is she writing about all this.. It is called the love of family.. My Mother and my friend.
I want to thank everyone of you for your prayers and your kind comments.. 
Thank you so very much.  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where is the quiet>

I need to hear the quiet in my head.  My Mom went into rehab last Friday to get stronger from being in the hospital.. Things went wrong and that did not happen.. Instead they did not do their job..They were to take care of her and they did not.. Sunday we had to bring her back to the hospital where now she has pneumonia.   She is very weak and tired but she is a fighter..  I have been staying at the hospital with her.
If you are reading this  I ask for your prayers for my Mom...
Thank you,

Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Love.....

Sitting at the hospital and now getting my Mom into Rehab to help her regain her strength..I have been working in my sketch book.  I put it in my back pack with my pencils and crayons. and off we go to sit and sit...
I don't know where she came from but it is titled First Love...With the hearts and it seems to me she just received her first kiss..  Do you remember your first kiss?  Well let me hear those stories.. I know you remember but do you want to share..LOL...I remember my first kiss. It did not make hearts on my cheeks..It was terrible..HA HA.
I want to thank every one for your thoughts and prayers...
I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

May you always dream in color.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wating for my Mommie to come Home.......

If you read my blog You know I posted about My Mom on my last post....This is her baby Jacksone looking out the window.  My Mom is in the hospital since last Friday.  Yet again Thank God she is better but she will have to go to rehab to regain her strength.  So Jacksone misses her very much and she does miss him.  That is her baby.....

So all you guys who read the last post and ones who didn't can go back and read it.  There was a blogger  who sent me a message if she could use my Mom for a painting.. She did and it is wonderful. Joji captured the moment perfect.  You should go over and give it a look.. Ok since I still have not learned to figured out how to do it the easy way .  I will have to just type her blog and then you will have to search for it .Sorry computer dummy.  Please send me step by instructions on how to do that....  Her site is called  The art of Joji Roper Todd .   Thank you Joji...
If my words are all jumbled up..I am tired, { I ask for all your prayers and thoughts for my my Mom.

Prayers and thoughts and inspiration to all of you.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


If anyone reads my blog..You will know this is my Mother.. I remember when I was a kid, watching my Mother put her lipstick on..I remember  how beautiful she looked.. So one day I decided to buy a tube of red lipstick and give it to her for a surprise..She loves getting things..She is now in her second child hood.
So when she opened it..She said, Now let me give you a lesson on how to put lipstick on.........Even at 85 she did it perfect.. So I do believe it is an art..How to paint your lips Red.     To me she is still beautiful.
She is slowing slipping away from me as the woman I knew..The thing that remains the same is how much she loves me and even if sometimes as we are holding hands and she swings her arms as best friend do when they are walking...It is a memory I will always cherish..   I love you Mother, and best friend.
Your daughter,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The artist holds the story of my beginning.

Being and  individual is never simple.  When we think of our self it is as there are a multitude of people in our self..The deepest level of the human heart there is not a singular self. Deep within, there is  gallery of different selves.Each one expresses a different part of our nature. Sometimes they contradict us and conflict with each other.  If we let them it will start an inner battle that could haunt you the rest of your life.
We need to meet these parts of our self in an inward place. With out their existence we become diminished and the access to our imagination is blocked.  Yes I have been talking about our imagination and its wonder.
If we accept who we are and let all those people, things be apart of us then we can start to accept who we are...Artist...
So this girl is part of me.., I shall name her Vissy..Short for invisible.. So meet Vissy. She is invisible to the world until I decide to take her out and introduce her to the world.
We all have so many things in our imagination..Some people will love, hate and not understand but do not let that stand in your way..IT IS WHO YOU ARE...SO SET YOUR IMAGINATION FREE AND ENJOY WHO YOU ARE....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sketch book and re reading Art and Fear

Sketch book.. I was going to say again I do not sketch people very well. Then I probably would go into the things I really do not do anything well.. Yet I want go there..I am still sick with this cold or what ever.. I finally went to the doctor that I do not know..The ones you just stop in and say you do not know anything about me but could you please make me better.. LOL..So they gave me med's and 2 shots..One shot no problem the other..OH MY GOODNESS..I could not walk out of there in a normal way..They said it would make me better..I do not think I believe them....
So I started re reading Art and Fear..I am searching to accept my self as an artist. I still can not say it out loud because I am not sure I have the right to call my self an artist.   I do not try to sale my art not on a large scale..I do not have enough confidence in my self.  So I begin to read again..
The first paragraph of Art and Fear
Making art is difficult.  We leave drawings unfinished and stories unwritten.  We do work that does not feel like our own. We repeat our-selves.  We stop before we have mastered our materials, or continue on long after their potential is exhausted.

Have a good week end.  Stay strong in Art.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Sketch book.....With the help of my Derwent Inktense pencils....Hope everyone has a good week..They say snow in the south..We shall see. I am inside with a stinking cold..
Made chicken soup that did not help..I have been drinking hot tea that did not help.Now,drinking Hot chocolate it is not helping but it is so good..I threw a chocolate kiss in for extra Chocolate is a vitamin ...Right? 
May you always dream in color.When you dream in black and white go ahead and get those colored pencils out..Go ahead color outside the lines.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It is a Man I promise......

This is done in my sketch pad  9x12.  I have decided I love to work on paper.. The bad thing is I have to erase and erase.  LOL....When I started this piece I was  looking at famous person and as You know I am not a Face person..So it really looks nothing like him...
So I have a quiz for you...Tell me who you might think it is and I wonder how many answers I will get..
 I was just curious if any one will get close to who it is..
Thanks for stopping by and and giving me your guess.
Have a wonderful week.

May you always dream in color,