Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Looking Inside

This is a small piece I had started and set it aside because I just did not know where it was going.  I loved the texture of it and had used my palette knife to put the paint and texture on..It had been sitting on my table   on the easel. I have not been painting or creating for awhile..I would walk up into my studio and walk back  out again.
 My heart was just not  into creating anything.  The truth my heart has not really been into anything for awhile.  I knew it was not but I just did not know what to do. I had starting back into the church and I had starting reading my Bible.  There is where it began.  I had been running from the only one who truly knew me and loved me . I had been running most of my life.. I had anger and fear and Satan had control of me.  I had let him take my joy and my peace.. No more...
So I have given my Life back to our dear Savior Jesus.  You know he never had left me, I had just left him.  God is faithful.
I did know something was changing inside of me.  My heart, my mind and my spirit.
Praise God.  
I really did not mean to write all this down but it just all come out with this painting I was posting.
The day I walked up into my studio.  I looked at this piece and I saw the tree and then I took charcoal and starting rubbing it into the piece and it brought out the details and all I could see was this beautiful tree. Then I thought if we would just truly look inside what would we see and it would be the HEART..

I just tried to give you a small close up of the details underneath the painting.  You can click on either one to get more details of the texture..If you want to..LOL...I hope you will.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope in the future.  I will began to paint again but this time my art will be filled with light and love not gloom and doom.
I leave you with this.
Psalm 96:12
Then all the trees of the forest will sing for joy

Have a blessed week.


pchickki said...

Beautiful Katelen :)
God Bless You

Unknown said...

Katelen I love this and thanks for sharing the layers...blessings sweetie!!!

Mary said...

honey sometimes our heart get en- capsuled in the pain and hurt...in the hardness that life can be. and we shrink away from the light that can soften and heal. but when we turn our faces toward that light we find acceptance, love and life.

this is a beautiful painting Katelen.

love you!!

Anonymous said...

You know something, its great being with Jesus. Even though I've learned of al this stuff about re-incarnation and spiritual stuff.
Being with Jesus are my best memories. He certainly rocks and think the world as mixed his message in so many different ways. Its a good job Jesus kept the word simple. Simple loving devine truths to stay by gives purity of soul and heart. Bless you so much!

Laura said...

Katlen I'm so grateful you are finding your way back to faith...we all have our own path...but it leads to the same Oneness of being. Bless you on your journey my friend.

GlorV1 said...

It's beautiful Katelen. There is comfort in this piece. I'm happy that you are once again with the lord. He's always been there for you, and all of us. We just need to let him know that we know he is there. ::hugs::