Sunday, November 6, 2011

He Is Amazing

As the story goes I walked out my back door with my camera in hand ,or no maybe I ran back in to get it.  Anyway as I was walking outside I said out loud, so he would hear me, Hello God , Thank you for another day. And as I step around from the back porch I looked around and saw the sky. I was so struck with the beauty of it and the love of our sweet Father.. Just WOW!!!  How he loves us to give us such beautiful skies.
Yes, I know he hears us with out us speaking out loud but he loves for us to talk to him..  Did you know that? 
Have a wonderful and blessed week and remember Jesus is always waiting for you to talk to him..He is a good listener.. Just look at what he gave me for just saying Hello..

Blessings and Inspiration.