Sunday, May 31, 2009

I am seeing spots and dots again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This one is a small 4x4 on canvas..It is for a friend when she paints seems to put spots or dots or circles.. So for all of us who at times puts dots or spots or circles on your art work.
This one is for you.. This small face has a dazed look on her face to say I am seeing spots again!! Oh My....LOL. It is a good thing I do not paint portraits..My faces always seem to be cartoon like.. Yet I hope you enjoy this little one..
I have not been able to be in my studio much this week and I can feel withdrawal symptoms It seems to me even when I am not drawing or painting. I still will create in my mind. If we could just forget all the every day things that distract us. Think what we would see by just looking around.. There are so many small things that are amazing and we miss them. One because we are too busy or we are worried or stressed or etc...Just take a minute and breathe and look around and stop and maybe you will see that inspiration you were looking for. Remember, it is the small things that matter.

May you always dream in color.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This one is one I started it is a canvas board 12x15 and when I had extra paint or etc. I would just put it on this board..I just keep layering and then I pick up a photo I had done in b/w and had hand tinted it plus I added details to this old house a rail and etc.. It finally found a home on this board.. I think I like it..You can not see all the colors and texture.. So the green house finally found a home..
It is nice when it all comes together.. This board I never really gave it much thought. The colors were nice and then when I picked up the photo I had done.. WALA it was perfect...Or to me it was.. I do love using my own photos and yes I used the original on this one..
So welcome to my green house and does it look a little scary.. NO...It is just an old home that needed new paint and blue skies..The texture around I just threw in for you to want to reach out and touch..Open the door, come on in and enjoy the company.. If you click you can feel the texture..HaHa
Thank you for stopping by to visit and please do drop in again soon.. You never know we paint another house or two... Bring your brush.
May you always dream in color

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fear and Anger

Fear and Anger ....This is done in acrylic on wood 12x15..
Emotions are a strange thing.. We can not control them . If we could completely control them , then we would not feel the raw emotion of being human. There are times in our life we do not want these emotions called fear, anger, sorrow . There are ones we would like to exchange them for such as joy, peace and laughter. The thing is we have to feel the bad to appreciate the good. I am speaking from my point of view. As artist we paint with our emotions, what we are feeling at the time it will show in our work. The mind is a strange and wonderful thing.
OK , so I have give my opinion of life...or the emotions of life..So what is your thoughts?

May you always dream in color.e
Poetic Artist

Friday, May 22, 2009

Studio Inspiration for Creative Spirits

So I have not been able to do a lot of painting but I thought I would show a piece I made with hand made paper.. Which is made out of Johnson grass. After making the paper I formed the bowl and then after it dried, I used some old wire and placed more of the same paper around it. I then filled it with arrow heads and feathers.. I have one little area in my studio. That I place rocks that I have collected and the ones that was my Dad's. These arrow heads belong to him.. I always called this shelf area my spirit area.. I will share that space with you one day..I suppose it reminds me of my Dad. He is the one who taught me to love rocks. He could find amazing rocks. So I continue to look for rocks. Even though I have yet to find one that is as good as his...He was a a great rock finder..
Among so many other things. Again as I have said in my blog before. It is the simple things in life that are the most important.

Have a great Memorial Weekend.

May you always dream in color,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Love Of A Mother

No art today..This is my mom and her baby Jacksone.. Is she not the the sweetest thing you have ever seen.. I love my mom so much and I just want all you guys to see her.. She is getting very sick and I am afraid. You know I do not know why I am sharing this but it is so hard to watch someone you love struggle for life.. Her dog is her baby, and he makes her happy..

I suppose I just wanted to share her with all of you.. To see how blessed I am to have such a loving and wonderful mom..

I love you mom.

May you always dream in Color,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Dreams Seem to be Vivid and Confusing

A work in progress Pastel 12x15. We all have dreams but sometimes they can be very confusing. Sometimes the colors are so bright they hurt your eyes. Do we hide behind the shadows. Do we watch in our dreams or do we participate. It is like in real life, we can stand behind the shadows to watch or step out and embrace the colors of life.

I know I seem to get lost in my work and tell you how I feel about it and maybe I should not share and let you interpret it your own way..We all look at things differently, but I am just letting you know from the artist point of view.

Thanks for visiting and I do appreciate all the comments and I also appreciate the ones who just stop by to take a look into my life. Do you like what you see?

May you always dream in color,

Monday, May 18, 2009


12X15 Collage/mixed media on canvas board.. This is another piece I found put away in a old vintage suitcase.. I collect suitcases to keep things that are important to me.
Art , old paper, old jewelry, and etc and etc , so many little things that I will use in a assemblage , someday!! I am a collector of things, which I know some day I will pick it up and know at that moment what I will do with it.. Or I will place it on my work table and look at it for awhile, until it tells me what to do with it... So either way one day it will have a purpose..
If I do not use it, I will pass it along to another artist, who will know what to do with it..
Every thing has a purpose and a place, it just had to be the exact moment in time..
So do not give up your dreams, it just may not be the time for them to happen. One day when you are not expecting it...It happens your dreams are right in front of you.. The only down side of that, by the time they happen, you have changed your dreams...
May you always dream in color,

Saturday, May 16, 2009


OK So this amazing artist which I am going to type her in here so you guys can go and visit.
I am still learning and I still do not know how to do all of these things..She sent me this award and I have to list 7 blogs I like and why..I am sorry to say I still can not link and etc..Please do not laugh..Your laughing I hear you all over the world.

Her site is She is an amazing artist. So she is my first inspiration..She does a lot of nude figures and they are beautiful.

2. Is This blog is such a inspiration..She will post every day for all artist ,writer, photography. To help us all to be inspired.. She has a heart of gold.

3.Is Laura is a collage artist and her work is wonderful. It is amazing what she can do with a paper bag.

4. Lavender Loft.. She can do some beautiful things with spray paint.

5. Dave can write poetry and stories that make you think not once but twice and sometimes even more.

6. Manon does beautiful journals.

7. This artist can make beautiful jewelry..Out of things that you would not think of.
So the other part is to tell 10 things about my self..
OK That is honest things.............
1.I love old things so I can recycle.
2.I collect unusual rocks.
3.I still miss my Dad even though he left this world years ago.
4.I think trees are amazing.
5.Someday I would like to live in Italy.
6.I love to watch thunderstorms.
7.I enjoy a nice glass of red wine.
8.I believe in dreams
9.I love to dance in the rain when I am sad to cover up my tears.
10.If I could come back in another life time, I would want to be a wild horse. So I could run and be free.
Thanks for the award Juana .

Friday, May 15, 2009

Open your heart and Bloom

Just a simple 4x4 acrylic on canvas.. Just a statement of Fact Bloom and let your color show and enjoy the moment.

Have a great weekend.

May you always dream in color,

JACK BE QUICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK So I have gone back to my child hood but with a little different view as a child.
This is a 5x7 acrylic on canvas board...I really do know what inspired me to do this. So after the fact, I thought JACK BE NIMBLE JACK BE QUICK JACK JUMP OVER THE CANDLE STICK.
What does that mean? We all know if you jump over fire, the chances are you are going to Toast your BUM. So here I go, As adults we know the things we do, sometimes we are going to get burned. Yet we still do them.. For instance, Thinking of burn..Let's say you are cooking, and you take a bite right out of the heat and say to the person next to you. Can you taste this and what do they do 9 out of 10 times they put it right into their mouth.. What happens they get burned.
Lets get real..That is why the person cooking always needs someone else to taste..LOL>>>>
So tell me why does Jack jump over the candlestick? OK so this is from Mother Goose..Who is mother goose? I read about this and I am not sure anyone know for sure..
Where does my mind come up with these things? Probably, in my life I am taking care of my 84 year old mother..She can quote nursery rhymes and poems from age 4...I am not

May you always dream in color.
The Poetic Artist

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Any one for a game of cards.. LOL This is a collage piece with my own twist on the card. It is about a 10x 12 on duck cloth canvas. We seem to hold our queen crown in our hand sometimes..We are the Queen of hearts but sometimes we play the other card. Yes , we can do that we are women and we can do what we want to do.. Follow our dreams, follow our hearts. It is all the same..All wrapped up into one.. A journey.

May you always dream in color,
P.S If you dream in black and white, that is OK too but just think what you are missing on your palette.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


12x15 on Canvas Board. It is a mixed media piece. This piece I did along time ago. I just came across it with some other pieces. It spoke to me to say you need to have more patience. To listen when the elders are speaking to you. For they are much wiser than we are. So that is what I have trying to do. Not to speak so fast and listen more.
Today was a nice sunny day, so I did not get to work in my studio at all.. I took my mother to guess? To get more flowers so, I can learn more about planting.. So as usual she always buys to many. So I am looking all over they yard thinking where will I plant these.. See I am one of those, you have to plan. Every thing has its place, even in the garden..So unlike my mom, who just wants to just start digging holes and putting them in the ground. I have to think about the entire yard , how it will all look when it is finished.. So that is why I speak of patience.. Me and my Mom see totally different views.....If You understand what I am saying... LOL..
Thanks for stopping in and maybe tomorrow, we will finish planting those flowers.. There is a lot to gardening!!!!!!
May you always dream in color,

Monday, May 11, 2009


Mixed Media 10x15 on canvas board...This is really for my mom..She loves flowers and the planting of them and the joy of watching them grow..All my life I remember my mom planting, digging in the earth. She still loves those things but is unable to do the things she loves.. So now, I plant them for her . I am not a gardener and the extent of planting for me is to put flowers into garden planters and water..So another thing is life my mom has taught me, to touch the earth to feel the dirt in your hands, to take the smallest of seeds and place into the soil and cover and then slowly water. Then you wait to see them grow and and realize those small seeds you planted have grown up to be beautiful flowers.. Another miracle of life..Also the joy of making my mom happy.
For us to sit together and watch the flowers grow.
Thanks for stopping by and may your garden be filled with love.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


These are Cards of personal adds They are made with card stock and I found these pictures and they just looked like they were soul mates..So I made the first card from Henry for I am sure that was his name, looking for his fun loving soul mate.. So who answers him Sarah of course, his fun loving soul mate. You can tell by their expressions they are definitely fun loving HA HA !!! I love using old pictures and making a history for them. I do hope they would find the humor in this.. For I am sure they were made for each other and they were truly soul mates.
Never under estimate the power of love and the power of Soul Mates.
You will have to click on them to see the real expression.. Go on CLICK!!!
May you always dream in color,

Friday, May 8, 2009

For All Who Can Not Sew

Mixed Media 10x10 on Canvas...I can not sew a stitch, so when you can not sew, you pretend you can and create with using a pattern for your back ground. Then you draw your own patterns and create on canvas what you can not do with a sewing machine. So you can tell everyone, Sure I can sew...LOL... I am kinda sure if I had to I could sew a button on..maybe !

So this weekend, Don't forget it is mother's Day..I hope all of you who have children, have a wonderful mother's day. Also if you are still blessed with having a mother in this world. Remember to tell her you love her and she is the best.. If your mom is no longer with you, remember her in your thoughts.. So what I am trying to say..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL.
May you weekend be filled with love and laughter.

May you always dream in color,

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sometimes It Is Hard to Just THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Art or Just Writing on a Canvas 5x8..Acrylic. For it seem I can not create what I am feeling inside. There is so much inside but it is all staying inside.. Stress maybe, Worry, and just not having enough time. My mom is not doing very good, it is as though her strength is slipping away and also her memory..Maybe this piece is about her, she tries so hard to tell me a story or just something that happened 5 minutes ago and she can not remember..There are times she does realize she has forgotten and times it is like she never knew. When I do tell her, mom you just told me that, it is a joke with us.. She always says, I never get to tell you anything you don't already know. The truth is I have heard the story so many times, I know it by heart..but she doesn't know that. It is my little secret.. It is just about Love.

May you always dream in color,

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


No art posted today, It has been awhile for me to get motivated or the time to create. I did this small journal of words and symbols to just take a glance at to remind me of the things that make me happy or just favorite things in life..The journal is small 3x5 moleskin journal..So I decided to make a place in my studio and make a inspiration board , to put them up and when I think of something new I will put a new word or symbol up . Maybe it will work, for me. These are just a few of them.. Maybe it will inspire you also..Maybe not.. I hope that it does...
But if you guys have some of your favorite words that inspire you or symbols, send them to me.
I might place them on my inspiration board and create that master piece...LOL..
Hope you have a great week.
May you always dream in color,

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This is done in pastel 15x20 matted and framed.. The photograph does not do the color justice.
Yes, that would be because I need help on photographing my own art work......

It is a representation of how in Life it feels has if we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. How we would love to take flight and fly away from our problems. But we can not, so we have to carry it with us. I know all things make us stronger and better people for the things we go through. So we keep going and have faith that all things work for the good.

I hope your troubles are light and if they get to heavy to carry, just know that there are friends out there that will help you to carry that load..


May you always dream in color,

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Hidden Stream Under the Earth

Abstract done in acrylic on wood 12x15.. This is from my pile of wood found , so not sure of the type of wood, more than likely plywood. LOL..It was free and I am thrifty that is a nice way of saying I am artist poor. I hope you can see the colors..Don't forget to click on the painting and you may see better.. HaHa..
It is so nice to share with complete strangers, but somehow we have connection , because we all share the same passion.. Art,
Poetry, Photography. It is wonderfully strange to find that there are people out there all over the world, like me.. Completely insane.. We buy paint, pens, pencils and spray paint and all kinds of media and then there are all of those books.. Just to create. Is Life not wonderful..
I do not mean to insult at all.. It is my way of saying..Thank you, I was really afraid I was the only one out there..

Have a bless day and may you always dream in color,

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Enter The Closet Journal

Enter the closet journal.. These are some pages from a journal that I did sitting in my closet..Yes, before I had my studio completed. I sat and worked in my closet. So what better to do beside create a closet journal.. Just a small journal with limited supplies. Pencil and a few colors of paint.
There are more pages, but It takes to long to load them from the blogger. Is there a faster way? I am still learning..Like you can not tell that from my blog..LOL...
It has done nothing but rain in this part of the world..Rain and more Rain...So what does that make me want to do besides build a boat just in case. It makes me want to draw Ducks floating away because of so much water...It is just a visual thought..For now.
Hope you always dream in color,

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lost In The Moment

Acrylic on wood 12x15..Sometimes we get lost when we are creating, time seems to slip so quickly. It is a time when nothing else exist. Only the colors and that are swirling in our head and our hands are so busy with the tools we choose to use. Or do the tools choose us?
Does it matter , no we are artist's, we live and breath to create.
Sorry, about the photographing of the art. I am trying to get better.

May you always dream in color,