Tuesday, May 12, 2009


12x15 on Canvas Board. It is a mixed media piece. This piece I did along time ago. I just came across it with some other pieces. It spoke to me to say you need to have more patience. To listen when the elders are speaking to you. For they are much wiser than we are. So that is what I have trying to do. Not to speak so fast and listen more.
Today was a nice sunny day, so I did not get to work in my studio at all.. I took my mother to guess? To get more flowers so, I can learn more about planting.. So as usual she always buys to many. So I am looking all over they yard thinking where will I plant these.. See I am one of those, you have to plan. Every thing has its place, even in the garden..So unlike my mom, who just wants to just start digging holes and putting them in the ground. I have to think about the entire yard , how it will all look when it is finished.. So that is why I speak of patience.. Me and my Mom see totally different views.....If You understand what I am saying... LOL..
Thanks for stopping in and maybe tomorrow, we will finish planting those flowers.. There is a lot to gardening!!!!!!
May you always dream in color,


Unknown said...

Hello Katelen, I found your blog when visiting Pam Carriker's blog...I love this creation on canvas board!! Love all the color and subjects as well...beautiful!!!


Unknown said...

BTW, bless you for caring for your mom...mine is 91 now, and has many health issues, but she still gets up, dressed and get on the van to go to Seniors 4 days a week...(((hugs)))
And good for you finally coming out with your art...

Janet said...

Patience is something I have in short supply at times.

This piece looks like an illustration from a book or a magazine! You are so talented.