Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fear and Anger

Fear and Anger ....This is done in acrylic on wood 12x15..
Emotions are a strange thing.. We can not control them . If we could completely control them , then we would not feel the raw emotion of being human. There are times in our life we do not want these emotions called fear, anger, sorrow . There are ones we would like to exchange them for such as joy, peace and laughter. The thing is we have to feel the bad to appreciate the good. I am speaking from my point of view. As artist we paint with our emotions, what we are feeling at the time it will show in our work. The mind is a strange and wonderful thing.
OK , so I have give my opinion of life...or the emotions of life..So what is your thoughts?

May you always dream in color.e
Poetic Artist


Michelle said...

For me? Fear and anger are black voids....no soul in there.

This piece speaks to me of passion :)

Unknown said...

I agree, we can hide our feelings in real life but it becomes so apparent in our art if people would just study it. Sometimes you can see the mood/feelings by what is not there as well. Great post!

Marilyn Rock said...

Great post here. Very thought provoking. I do agree, that through our art, we can convey our emotions; with colors, textures, images. It all spills out on the canvas. We might be the only ones that see it; but that's what is most important. I love your fiery red fear and anger on wood! Have a peaceful day.

M.A. Wakeley said...

Your work is a beautiful expression. I see passion as well. Since each of us brings our own point of view to a piece my opinion is that we see and feel the emotions as they are within ourselves. This to me is a beautiful emotional excavation of work. The textures and colors and feeling of internal landscape are just lovely.

Karen Smithey said...

this is gorgeous--I agree with Michelle, there's a lot of passion in here--what amazing texture, and love those colors!

debi lynn mattingly said...

Hi sweetie!

First, want to thank you for your sweet comments at the yaya! Beautiful painting...love the colors! And yes, to me art is all about our emotions and experiences....at least it is for me.

Have a great week! xo..deb

readingsully2 said...

I love this. :)

Anke Martin said...

I would be lost in all that feeling jungle without my art....keeps me sane and more balanced. Every day life is already hard enough to deal with sometimes so art is a wonderful way to let go and clear your mind of unwanted feelings or stress. Sure a wonderful thing!
Smiles, Anke ;)

Janet said...

This is beautiful! The texture and color are just great.