Monday, May 18, 2009


12X15 Collage/mixed media on canvas board.. This is another piece I found put away in a old vintage suitcase.. I collect suitcases to keep things that are important to me.
Art , old paper, old jewelry, and etc and etc , so many little things that I will use in a assemblage , someday!! I am a collector of things, which I know some day I will pick it up and know at that moment what I will do with it.. Or I will place it on my work table and look at it for awhile, until it tells me what to do with it... So either way one day it will have a purpose..
If I do not use it, I will pass it along to another artist, who will know what to do with it..
Every thing has a purpose and a place, it just had to be the exact moment in time..
So do not give up your dreams, it just may not be the time for them to happen. One day when you are not expecting it...It happens your dreams are right in front of you.. The only down side of that, by the time they happen, you have changed your dreams...
May you always dream in color,


Sharon Tomlinson said...

Love your message about not giving up your dreams. I needed that. Thanks,

Janet said...

That is so true. We should always keep our dreams alive.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Another fun piece, Katelen. And, thank you for your inspirational messages within your post!

Manon said...

You're so right about dreams! I love this post Katelen!

Seth said...

Great message in this post to match the great collage in the picture!