Friday, May 8, 2009

For All Who Can Not Sew

Mixed Media 10x10 on Canvas...I can not sew a stitch, so when you can not sew, you pretend you can and create with using a pattern for your back ground. Then you draw your own patterns and create on canvas what you can not do with a sewing machine. So you can tell everyone, Sure I can sew...LOL... I am kinda sure if I had to I could sew a button on..maybe !

So this weekend, Don't forget it is mother's Day..I hope all of you who have children, have a wonderful mother's day. Also if you are still blessed with having a mother in this world. Remember to tell her you love her and she is the best.. If your mom is no longer with you, remember her in your thoughts.. So what I am trying to say..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL.
May you weekend be filled with love and laughter.

May you always dream in color,


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Actually, I like that shirt with the red fringe hanging from it:)

Enjoy your day with your mother, Katelen.

Janet said...

I don't do much sewing either but I like your mixed media piece.

I hope you and your mother have a wonderful Mother's Day together.

Everydaythings said...

I love to sew, butnothing complex, and only sew best in a straight line, which limits what I can make! lol! I do love to experiment thought. Likeing your blog and glad to discover it.