Sunday, May 10, 2009


These are Cards of personal adds They are made with card stock and I found these pictures and they just looked like they were soul mates..So I made the first card from Henry for I am sure that was his name, looking for his fun loving soul mate.. So who answers him Sarah of course, his fun loving soul mate. You can tell by their expressions they are definitely fun loving HA HA !!! I love using old pictures and making a history for them. I do hope they would find the humor in this.. For I am sure they were made for each other and they were truly soul mates.
Never under estimate the power of love and the power of Soul Mates.
You will have to click on them to see the real expression.. Go on CLICK!!!
May you always dream in color,


Dave King said...

I must confess that I sometimes read such personal columns for amusement, but can't help wondering how often there are personal disappointments, even tragedies behind them.

lee said...

they look made for each, with that fun loving expression of both faces (lol). Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Perhaps match making is in your future, Katelen:)