Sunday, January 23, 2011


If anyone reads my blog..You will know this is my Mother.. I remember when I was a kid, watching my Mother put her lipstick on..I remember  how beautiful she looked.. So one day I decided to buy a tube of red lipstick and give it to her for a surprise..She loves getting things..She is now in her second child hood.
So when she opened it..She said, Now let me give you a lesson on how to put lipstick on.........Even at 85 she did it perfect.. So I do believe it is an art..How to paint your lips Red.     To me she is still beautiful.
She is slowing slipping away from me as the woman I knew..The thing that remains the same is how much she loves me and even if sometimes as we are holding hands and she swings her arms as best friend do when they are walking...It is a memory I will always cherish..   I love you Mother, and best friend.
Your daughter,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The artist holds the story of my beginning.

Being and  individual is never simple.  When we think of our self it is as there are a multitude of people in our self..The deepest level of the human heart there is not a singular self. Deep within, there is  gallery of different selves.Each one expresses a different part of our nature. Sometimes they contradict us and conflict with each other.  If we let them it will start an inner battle that could haunt you the rest of your life.
We need to meet these parts of our self in an inward place. With out their existence we become diminished and the access to our imagination is blocked.  Yes I have been talking about our imagination and its wonder.
If we accept who we are and let all those people, things be apart of us then we can start to accept who we are...Artist...
So this girl is part of me.., I shall name her Vissy..Short for invisible.. So meet Vissy. She is invisible to the world until I decide to take her out and introduce her to the world.
We all have so many things in our imagination..Some people will love, hate and not understand but do not let that stand in your way..IT IS WHO YOU ARE...SO SET YOUR IMAGINATION FREE AND ENJOY WHO YOU ARE....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sketch book and re reading Art and Fear

Sketch book.. I was going to say again I do not sketch people very well. Then I probably would go into the things I really do not do anything well.. Yet I want go there..I am still sick with this cold or what ever.. I finally went to the doctor that I do not know..The ones you just stop in and say you do not know anything about me but could you please make me better.. LOL..So they gave me med's and 2 shots..One shot no problem the other..OH MY GOODNESS..I could not walk out of there in a normal way..They said it would make me better..I do not think I believe them....
So I started re reading Art and Fear..I am searching to accept my self as an artist. I still can not say it out loud because I am not sure I have the right to call my self an artist.   I do not try to sale my art not on a large scale..I do not have enough confidence in my self.  So I begin to read again..
The first paragraph of Art and Fear
Making art is difficult.  We leave drawings unfinished and stories unwritten.  We do work that does not feel like our own. We repeat our-selves.  We stop before we have mastered our materials, or continue on long after their potential is exhausted.

Have a good week end.  Stay strong in Art.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Sketch book.....With the help of my Derwent Inktense pencils....Hope everyone has a good week..They say snow in the south..We shall see. I am inside with a stinking cold..
Made chicken soup that did not help..I have been drinking hot tea that did not help.Now,drinking Hot chocolate it is not helping but it is so good..I threw a chocolate kiss in for extra Chocolate is a vitamin ...Right? 
May you always dream in color.When you dream in black and white go ahead and get those colored pencils out..Go ahead color outside the lines.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It is a Man I promise......

This is done in my sketch pad  9x12.  I have decided I love to work on paper.. The bad thing is I have to erase and erase.  LOL....When I started this piece I was  looking at famous person and as You know I am not a Face person..So it really looks nothing like him...
So I have a quiz for you...Tell me who you might think it is and I wonder how many answers I will get..
 I was just curious if any one will get close to who it is..
Thanks for stopping by and and giving me your guess.
Have a wonderful week.

May you always dream in color,