Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seeking the Perfect Circle

With Me and My Camera, I am on a quest it seems to find the perfect circle. I have found that is almost impossible. I have found beauty in so many lost and forgotten circles made for work. They did their jobs for years to be pitched aside and forgotten. Then I came along their path to find true beauty in them and to realize life has so many circles, we must go around and around in them and then lay them down. Also sometimes we have to be by our self to complete the circle.

Then there are times two circles are needed to do the job. They have to work as one to get the job done. Yet it seems so as in life. One wheel wants to go in one direction and one in the other,
so they can not work and they come to a full stop.

Then their are the wheels that are bonded together. So when one gives up the bond keeps pulling the other until it can find it's self and begin to work again as a team.
So as life, We think we can do it all by our self but it is not so true. We need that support of the other wheels so we can continue the circle of Life. Yes sometimes we do have to do it on our own but it is always nice to have someone along for the ride.
May you always dream in color.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Guard My Heart

I know I have not been posting..I really do not have a lot words to say but I am one of those people who can always find a few words even in the darkest days.. LOL...
This piece I done is a metal guard that I found in a old store building. I am not sure what it was but now it is the guard that surrounds the heart to protect it.
So here I am again sharing my heart with everyone to read pain or laughter, you guys get it all.
Too much is going on in my life and so I finally got one piece of art done. I am still outside in the heat with the camera and searching for that perfect shot. Trying to relax and mediatate to calm my mind. To search for the answers that I have not found. God is using me to make me who I am to become the person he wants me to be..To teach me lessons that will make me closer to him.
Have a relaxing day.
Remember to always dream in color.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Turn off the Lights

For I have not posted in a long time. Things in my life have stopped me.. I am not sure I am breathing but I must be because I feel the pain too deep. So I said turn off the lights and took this photo of how it could be possible. Life changes you by just the flip of light switch. So if you take all the light switches and the lights go off. It should make it easier.

Then I walked out and saw this beautiful glowing moon. Gold, bright and pulling me into it's light.
I wanted to walk away and go back inside where it was dark. Then I realized it is dark outside too or at least in my heart. It holds Anger, Pain and Broken Love. Yet the moon was telling me something but I did not understand.

I realize the wheel of life will continue to turn, I just did not realize there were so many wheels going at one time. Every person has his or hers own wheel. But they do not all go in the same directions.
Hope you enjoy the photos. The words maybe not so much. That is all I have been doing. Keeping my camera in my hand and trying to capture that moment. Because once it is gone it is gone.
Some of you say Joy is greater than sorrow and others say, Nay sorrow is greater.
But I say unto you, they are inseparable.
Together they come, and when one sits alone with you at your door, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.....Kahlil Gibran