Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looking Inside

I looked too close and got a look at what was inside.
It was not a place I wanted to see.
It was dark and the pain hit so hard.
My heart stopped and then it fell to the floor and shattered  into a million pieces.
The sound that came from my own body was the sound of a wounded animal.
Clawing and Fighting to Get out.
This is what happens
When you look inside of another human being
To realize your own life of Love and Trust is nothing but Lies.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Secrets Shared

He flew in from the forest of  Secret Words and decided to share his secret.
I am the color of of midnight and I can not be seen unless I want to be seen.
I can fly and see all that is above and below me and no one will ever know.
I can hear all the secrets and bring them with me and share them with you.
You must never tell my secret but you  can share all other secrets that I bring to you.
The Magical White Horse  never spoke a word to the black winged creature because he new his words would be taken back and shared all over the Forest of Secret Words.
He remained quite and just listened and then he spoke a single word.

Just a little story for you with this piece I have  been working on..It is done first on paper and then using Golden's gel medium to adhere to a 15x20 birch wood .  I am not sure it is finished, so I have not signed it yet.  I am still waiting  !..You know how that is..Don't You...LOL.

Now you know, Never tell a secret in the dark of night..Unless you want it shared in the Forest of Secret Words..

May you always dream in Color.