Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sometimes In Life we just have to learn how

OK, So this is one just for the you lovers of a good social tie. Mixed Media on Water Color.
I love vintage ties and have a collection of them and yes on occasion I do wear one. So I had to add a little humor.

Things this week I have went from blue to tie one on..Does that tell you what kind of week I am having? Caring for my mother, sometimes can be very stressful and so much tiredness. It sometimes over whelms me. It is a blessing to enjoy the time we share together and I know this is what I am suppose to be doing. Sometimes it would be nice just not having to worry .
OK , I am having a pity party! Want to join me..LOL....

Have a great life and do not take for granted the simple things in life.

May you always dream in color,

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

She Always Spoke of Blue

This is a 10x10 on Canvas mixed media.. The weather today is gloomy and raining. The same as my mood. This girl, the picture is from years ago, found in box of other things from an estate sale. She seem to be so sad and it made me think. Why was she so sad the day this photo was made. Did anyone even notice the sadness in her eyes. Over time did the sadness go away to be replaced with happiness.
Blue is a beautiful color yet , she spoke of blue to me and most people would have thought she was talking about the the color of the sky. Yet she was not she was talking about her self.
So in life look more closely to the people around you, the words they speak may not be what is really showing from inside.

May you always dream in color,


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


12x12 on wood. Acrylic. This is a piece I have had for awhile. Since I am thrifty, I picked up these pieces of just plywood. Started painting on them.. The color and the darkness made me think of secrets. We all have them, and we try to hide them in the shadows of colors trying to camouflage or to hide them in the dark trying to cover them up. Hey, but you know they always seem to come out in the light. That circle of brightness. Saying here I am all your SECRETS .

I suppose I always have to put a story with all my art. It just is the writer in me. I am sorry if I bore you with my words. If so just say stop all the words. The fact is if I stopped my words, my art would not exist. Because to me they are both one in the same.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my blog. I really do appreciate all that have been so kind and making me feel welcome. I am still so not sure if I have the right to call my self a artist. When I look at all the amazing talent out there. I still have yet to put prices on my pieces. For I have a problem with the value of them. We put our heart in soul into a piece. Then we have to put a price on it. How do you do that?

May you always dream in color,

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Copper Dreams

Abstract 20x24 acrylic on canvas. You really can not see all the color in this.
For it seems most of my life I have always had dreams, ones that I can remember, even all the small details even to the color of the book that was opened for me for to see the amazing colors that we all search for in our painting. I suppose some people say dreams are just nonsense . It is true some dreams are but some there is a message to those who will listen.
Copper Dreams is from a dream....Not so much this painting because I've yet to find those colors in my palette. But the copper does come from that dream.
For those that do believe in dreams, I hope you enjoy.

May you always dream in color,

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Horizon One Place We Never Reach

10x10 Canvas, Acrylic. I started with this and was going with another direction and after glazing several layers. I stopped and looked and realized I liked it just the way it was. Simplicity. It reminds me no matter how far we travel, we never reach the horizon. It says to me , we always have another journey in our life as artist. We keep moving forward and creating but we never seem to reach the the destination.. There is always more steps to learn for creating. Always new techniques, and trying to master the old ways.
It is nice to sit down and enjoy the beauty of the horizon and relax and breath. But with out creating what would be the point of reaching the horizon.

May you always dream in color,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What time does the 061 Leave

12x15 Mix Media on Water Color Paper...This train came from a suitcase of my Dads Family Photos. What generation I am not sure , The age of the B/W photo I would think it was my Dad's grandparents. My Dad has been gone from this world for 21 years.. My mother does not remember anything about this train. Yet it has a story to tell with out anyone knowing it's history. It followed the rails that traveled through the south on into the west. It stopped at all the little towns along the way. Maybe only a few people of a 100 or less lived in these towns.
Yet the people came to see the train, to admire it's beauty and strength. Its whistle sounded to let them know it had arrived. The 061 . The conductor steps off and orders to unload, quick because this train would leave this town in 1 hour. To follow the rails to the next small town.

Yes, Okay I just made the story up but that is what I see. You may have another story.
I hope you enjoy both the art and the story.

May you always dream in color.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Door is There sometimes you have to go through the Shadows

Canvas 5x12 Acrylic. I thought this would go along with my quote for the day. So many doors in life and so many we walk by because they are hidden in the shadows and we are afraid to go through them. So remember open up every door, because there is always a new journey.

I have been trying to work in my studio on a daily basis. It is hard sometimes when we all have so much more we have to do. Sometimes it seems I am going in so many directions, and helping my mother. She is 84 and I think the older people, get they do not mind what they say out loud.
My mother can say the most shocking things, that I never thought I would here my mother say.
I will not go into those stories. But if there is anyone out there who are care givers for their elder parents. You know what I am talking about.. It is strange how people as they become older and their minds turn to childish ways. I have a beautiful memory from today with my mom.. We were walking and I took her hand. And she starts swinging our arms together as children do when they are walking.. She looked at me and I saw this little beautiful little girl looking out through my mothers eyes.

May you always dream in color,

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hand Writing On The Wall

10x15 Acrylic on Water Color Paper. Abstract. I enjoy abstract it always tells a story, but to everyone the story may not be the same. We all look at art and we all see something different. It is like the way we look at people. Some we like, some we think are too strange, some we love and some we just can not take. The good thing is everyone see that person in a different light. Just like all the art. That is what makes this world we live in absolutely Amazing. So you tell me what you think. You like, to think to strange or you just can not take......

May you always dream in color.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chocolate Please

Two things that are great in life chunky beautiful babies and Chocolate Cherries.
This is a collage piece 5x7 on water color paper. It was one of those just for fun. I used a old photograph and old magazine and used acrylic paint and this is what you get.. Happiness....
I hope that you enjoy it....
I am still searching for my media as an artist. Or maybe as a artist we just move from one media to another. Until we feel like this is where we belong and stay there for a while. Then after awhile it is time to move on to a new journey. We all search, it is human nature. We keep looking for the perfect. One day we all have to realize there is no perfect but there is peace and contentment and then we will find our self and maybe our media of choice.

May you always dream in color,

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who else but God could draw on my sidewalk

Just one of my B/W photographs. This was all done my nature. No ink or paint or tool was used to create this art. All was done so to speak by the Masters Hand.
Sometimes we must see in black and white. So to notice the small things that are simply amazing.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

He Still brings her Flowers

This is a collage piece 10x12 on canvas. I used one of my photos that I had taken on a road trip.
The church had such peace about it and the windows just made me stop and stare.
That trip has passed and I came across the photograph and it made me think of Love. How it still exists even after someone leaves this earth, we still love them. Their memory always is with us . How people still show their love just by bringing flowers.
May your day be filled with joy and love,
And may you always dream in color,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Worldly Woman

I suppose this is a mix media piece. It is done on water color paper. 5x7.

I suppose today I felt like a woman of the world. I had a few hours to my self to work in my studio. So I think that qualifies. I create and dream and travel in my studio. So yes we are all worldly woman, if we want to be. You guys I will have to create one for you also. So since I am female, women should go first. LOL...

Today is was cold and raining in this part of the country. Believe me where I live it is in the country. No !!! Domino's does not deliver. If that tells you anything. Not complaining too much, but I had much rather be in the city....

Have a good night and May you always dream in color.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dinner Party For All Artist's

This was just a fun piece to do. It is just done on a recycled piece of wood. I used a vintage dinner napkin. The fork was a piece from my mom silver wear. Yes those are my hand's and I am a very messy artist. I have paint on my hands, clothes and yes I know we are not suppose to eat when we create. Who goes by those rules? Please let me know. I would be curious. Yes I do wash my hands before dinner!! Really I do not eat that much while I am working but sometimes we just can not let go of what we are doing, so I just grab a treat while creating.
I really want to say thank you all of have visited my blog and left comments. As a artist just stepping out and sharing with the real world.. It is scaring, not knowing if people will even accept you as a artist. All the blogs I have visited, it is amazing of the talent and to find other artist out there who have the same feelings. Joy, fear, pain and struggles. Also, sometimes of feeling you are different and realized the difference is we are blessed to have this wonderful imagination and use it to create. our art work.
May you always dream in color,

Monday, April 13, 2009

Recognize that the other person is you.

This is a collage piece on canvas 10x12. I wish you could see the color better but I got so tired of trying to get the perfect shot. Sometimes we are trying to find who we are in this crazy world and we over look who we really are.

I was sitting and drinking a cup of tea. On every bag, it has a saying. I just tore it off and sat it on my work table. To think about it and then forgot it. Until one day I pick it up and this is what happened. Amazing where we can get our inspiration. That small piece is included in this piece.
Yes, I placed a small mirror on the piece, so maybe you will get a glimpse of who you really might me. Perfect just the way you are. So keep on creating and never give up on your self.

May you always dream in color.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Have A Blessed Easter

May you and your friends and family have a wonderful Easter .

Thursday, April 9, 2009


The entity was there from the first moment. No words were needed to be spoken the intensity spoke for it's self. By what factor is it possible at a precise moment unity happens involuntary between two people. It happens the instant their eyes connect and a understanding is set in motion that is unable to be stopped. The intertwining of two individuals into a unification of one
Therefore, the question is reflected upon. Does the conscience of one's inner self occasionally know the reply of the question before one will even consider the subject. This being the unutterable word, we do not want to acknowledge to ourselves or to another.
This Vital Force that we call Love.

Katelen Tays

Have a blessed day and may you always dream in color.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This Door is Always waiting for visitors.

This Piece is done on water color paper, I used one of my own Photographs. It is all done in acrylic. I hope you enjoy the color. Today was a nice sunny day and I just wanted to bring this old door back to life. Doors can be so beautiful. When opened up, you never know where it will lead. So open up those doors, you are afraid of and step on through. Your dreams are on the other side. If you can not find them on this side of the door.

May you always dream in color,

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So What Do You See In This Photograph

Nature Walk, and yes always have my camera just in case. There is was, clear to me the perfect shot. The ? in the Tree. No, it does not take much to amuse me. Is it not great to have an imagination? Have a great day and always keep your eyes open, you never know what is right in front of your nose... LOL

May you always dream in color,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pure Of Heart

Canvas , Collage piece. Just a statement of Heart

May you always dream in color,

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Her Window of the Past Whispered

This is a 4x6 on canvas. It is a black and white photo that I took and developed and then as I was putting color on the picture . I thought I saw a person in the window, as a shadow looking back at me. We all have a imagination but some time we go with our inner feeling. I studied it and I know people will argue my study. This is my piece and I beg to differ. I know you can not see the detail. I just felt there is a story behind this. This photo is taken from a old working plantation. Which all the building surrounding is in disarray. I suppose this building was a home for one of the workers. It looks more like a small building 2 windows and one door. The thing is there were still flowers growing around the front of this home. Even though, it had been covered with vines and over growth. yet the flowers stilled remained. I colored them back the original color they were yellow, I suppose some type of day Lilly. I put colors around the photo that remind me of the earth.. I also added old flowers in this piece. Her vision and the voice in my head said, please always remember my flowers, life passes quickly but flowers can bloom always with just a little love . If you will click on the picture, you may see her also.

Yes, I am a believer of dreams, and poetry is the source of our soul. When we can not write the words down, we create art and some times when God smiles down on us. He gives us both.

May you always dream in color.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

May your journey be filled with inspiration

Roads Traveled.
Every morning you are handed 24 golden hours. They are one of the few things in this world that you get free of charge. If you had all the money in the world, you couldn't buy an extra hour.
What will you create with your priceless treasure of time.

Have a great day.
May you always dream in color.