Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Door is There sometimes you have to go through the Shadows

Canvas 5x12 Acrylic. I thought this would go along with my quote for the day. So many doors in life and so many we walk by because they are hidden in the shadows and we are afraid to go through them. So remember open up every door, because there is always a new journey.

I have been trying to work in my studio on a daily basis. It is hard sometimes when we all have so much more we have to do. Sometimes it seems I am going in so many directions, and helping my mother. She is 84 and I think the older people, get they do not mind what they say out loud.
My mother can say the most shocking things, that I never thought I would here my mother say.
I will not go into those stories. But if there is anyone out there who are care givers for their elder parents. You know what I am talking about.. It is strange how people as they become older and their minds turn to childish ways. I have a beautiful memory from today with my mom.. We were walking and I took her hand. And she starts swinging our arms together as children do when they are walking.. She looked at me and I saw this little beautiful little girl looking out through my mothers eyes.

May you always dream in color,



Love this and the Handwriting on the Wall oNE!!!!! Great post too!! I wish you lived closer, so we could make art together. I love you!!

Unknown said...

Hi Katelen. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I just dropped by to yours for my first visit. You have some lovely pieces here. Back soon. A

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Katelen: What you wrote is so true. I'm sure I'm repeating myself here. But, I can recall so many times when I've walked past that door because of the unknown. And, to think of all those lost opportunities. Not to say that it's ever too late for new ones:)

People do become childlike when they get much older, and I'm glad you were "open" enough to see your mother as that beautiful little girl.

P.S. Love the texture in this one.

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

srtunning creation !! thank you for have took time to let a comment on my blog. I really appreciate it !

Notion said...

nice picture

Janet said...

This piece is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love everything about it.