Wednesday, April 29, 2009

She Always Spoke of Blue

This is a 10x10 on Canvas mixed media.. The weather today is gloomy and raining. The same as my mood. This girl, the picture is from years ago, found in box of other things from an estate sale. She seem to be so sad and it made me think. Why was she so sad the day this photo was made. Did anyone even notice the sadness in her eyes. Over time did the sadness go away to be replaced with happiness.
Blue is a beautiful color yet , she spoke of blue to me and most people would have thought she was talking about the the color of the sky. Yet she was not she was talking about her self.
So in life look more closely to the people around you, the words they speak may not be what is really showing from inside.

May you always dream in color,



Every Photo Tells A Story said...

She does look very sad, doesn't she? Like the fire has gone out from inside of her.

By the way that is a beautiful shade of blue you used. And, the blues can be a good thing to have once in awhile. Helps us learn about ourselves, and what we need to change to make ourselves happier.

Have a good night.

Manon said...

She does look blue. There is a sadness in her eyes.

CountryDreaming said...

True blue with a heart of gold.

Janet said...

She does look blue/sad but you've given her life. I like what you said about looking closely at the people around us....very true.