Saturday, April 4, 2009

Her Window of the Past Whispered

This is a 4x6 on canvas. It is a black and white photo that I took and developed and then as I was putting color on the picture . I thought I saw a person in the window, as a shadow looking back at me. We all have a imagination but some time we go with our inner feeling. I studied it and I know people will argue my study. This is my piece and I beg to differ. I know you can not see the detail. I just felt there is a story behind this. This photo is taken from a old working plantation. Which all the building surrounding is in disarray. I suppose this building was a home for one of the workers. It looks more like a small building 2 windows and one door. The thing is there were still flowers growing around the front of this home. Even though, it had been covered with vines and over growth. yet the flowers stilled remained. I colored them back the original color they were yellow, I suppose some type of day Lilly. I put colors around the photo that remind me of the earth.. I also added old flowers in this piece. Her vision and the voice in my head said, please always remember my flowers, life passes quickly but flowers can bloom always with just a little love . If you will click on the picture, you may see her also.

Yes, I am a believer of dreams, and poetry is the source of our soul. When we can not write the words down, we create art and some times when God smiles down on us. He gives us both.

May you always dream in color.

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Every Photo Tells A Story said...

I like all the layers you've created in this image, Katelen. I do see a shape in the window, but I'm not sure if it is a person I see. But, that's okay. That's what's so fascinating about art, and life. We all see different things and get different meanings. It works the same way with poetry. Two people can read the same poem, and get two completely different meanings from it.

Be well.