Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hand Writing On The Wall

10x15 Acrylic on Water Color Paper. Abstract. I enjoy abstract it always tells a story, but to everyone the story may not be the same. We all look at art and we all see something different. It is like the way we look at people. Some we like, some we think are too strange, some we love and some we just can not take. The good thing is everyone see that person in a different light. Just like all the art. That is what makes this world we live in absolutely Amazing. So you tell me what you think. You like, to think to strange or you just can not take......

May you always dream in color.

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Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Yes, thank goodness that we all don't think alike or see things the same. How boring would that be:) I think even non-abstract art is seen differently be different people.

This is a very interesting painting, Katelen.