Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dinner Party For All Artist's

This was just a fun piece to do. It is just done on a recycled piece of wood. I used a vintage dinner napkin. The fork was a piece from my mom silver wear. Yes those are my hand's and I am a very messy artist. I have paint on my hands, clothes and yes I know we are not suppose to eat when we create. Who goes by those rules? Please let me know. I would be curious. Yes I do wash my hands before dinner!! Really I do not eat that much while I am working but sometimes we just can not let go of what we are doing, so I just grab a treat while creating.
I really want to say thank you all of have visited my blog and left comments. As a artist just stepping out and sharing with the real world.. It is scaring, not knowing if people will even accept you as a artist. All the blogs I have visited, it is amazing of the talent and to find other artist out there who have the same feelings. Joy, fear, pain and struggles. Also, sometimes of feeling you are different and realized the difference is we are blessed to have this wonderful imagination and use it to create. our art work.
May you always dream in color,


Sara Moriarty said...

I absolutely relate to that scary feeling, wondering if I will be accepted, wondering if my truths are worth writing about. The blogging community has helped me see that people are gentle and caring, and that they too have similar joys and pains. I appreciate you. As a new friend, you help me get to my blog and post. So thank you as well. Remember that you are valued the same way that you value others. Good night. ~Sara

Dave King said...

Yes, I think you speak for most of us when describing the anxieties of putting your work up for comment. You need not be anxious, it deserves to be shown.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

How creative and imaginative you are, Katelen. I had a quote on my blog by Henri Matisse which states that "Creativity Takes Courage." It is one of my favorites, because it is true, and because it's true, I admire all those people who have the courage not only to create their art, but to share it with the world. It takes guts, and how admirable is that quality? If one loves their art, then how can one not share it? What a waste that would be. So, good for you for having the courage to create and to share it with us.

CountryDreaming said...

With the crazy amount of paint I get on my hands while having fun, washing up is an absolute must before eating! Acrylic has a way of caking on and cracking or flaking when you move that feels neat but is probably way toxic. Your hands here show your enthusiasm, which is what I love about your work ... both painting and written word.

ArtPropelled said...

I love this piece!
I know that feeling of getting so involved with my art that I can't bare to stop to make lunch and in fact just forget to eat until I feel shaky..... so will grab a handfull of nuts and raisons and continue working.