Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Joy of Rain Drops

Rain Drops..The joy of watching the rain and when more rain hits the water how it splashes into Fun .
I had to pull over because it was raining and You know we start to grumble because we are human. Then I pulled my camera out and starting to take some shots of the rain.. It was just like being as a child it was fun. Did you ever run out in the rain and just dance until you were soaking wet and then run back into the house..Freezing and shaking and listen to your Mom saying I told you to stay out of that rain..You will catch a cold or be struck by lightning..That was my Mom anyway...LOL... Yet we did not regret one moment of that dance.
This time I saw it in a different light..It was a joy but it was more the beauty of the dance. How the drops splashed and danced upon the water . How they looked like crowns when they splashed up..Truly amazing..The rain comes down from heaven. Abba, Father, Thank you for the rain.. Teach me how to dance.

May you Dance in the Rain with the heart of a child again..And Laugh out Loud...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Do you take the time to stop and just enjoy the beauty of things that surround.

 I do not have a lot of days that I have to my self but when I do..I try to go to a place I have never been even if it is only a few miles away from my home...Somewhere I go and take my camera and capture the simply things that most do not even notice. I love the small things and the simple things that have beauty..I know they say the beauty is in the eyes of the bolder.. So these things to me are beauty..Hand made by an artist from the past..

Another simple but beautiful  piece..Hand forged by an artist from the past.. Rusted and forgotten. The rust  has made the piece that more beautiful. It brings out the smallest of details. .

So another piece of beauty..  Another artist that used their hands to mold and carve this piece.. Old and forgotten now.   So I suppose you know I am walking the local cementary..It is a peaceful place with trees and flowers and artists from the past.  It is also filled with graves of lifes that once walked this earth and had dreams.. They no longer dream, they no longer get to enjoy the simple things for the time on this earth has past.  So Live your days with joy and enjoy every moment of your day.. Praise our Lord and thank him for your blessings and give your heart to the creator..The one who gave his life for you. Jesus our Savior.