Thursday, April 9, 2009


The entity was there from the first moment. No words were needed to be spoken the intensity spoke for it's self. By what factor is it possible at a precise moment unity happens involuntary between two people. It happens the instant their eyes connect and a understanding is set in motion that is unable to be stopped. The intertwining of two individuals into a unification of one
Therefore, the question is reflected upon. Does the conscience of one's inner self occasionally know the reply of the question before one will even consider the subject. This being the unutterable word, we do not want to acknowledge to ourselves or to another.
This Vital Force that we call Love.

Katelen Tays

Have a blessed day and may you always dream in color.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Love is a wonderful thing no matter if it's between two people, a person and their beloved pet, a love of oneself, a love of a higher power. Just love:)

And, it is fascinating how we can connect instantaneously with one person, but not another.

Enjoy your weekend, Katelen.

Sara Moriarty said...

Beautiful post. I love your blog and will visit more often. I am signing up to follow your blog and hope that you do the same. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I hope your upcoming week is full of energy, purpose, and joy. ~Sara