Thursday, April 23, 2009

What time does the 061 Leave

12x15 Mix Media on Water Color Paper...This train came from a suitcase of my Dads Family Photos. What generation I am not sure , The age of the B/W photo I would think it was my Dad's grandparents. My Dad has been gone from this world for 21 years.. My mother does not remember anything about this train. Yet it has a story to tell with out anyone knowing it's history. It followed the rails that traveled through the south on into the west. It stopped at all the little towns along the way. Maybe only a few people of a 100 or less lived in these towns.
Yet the people came to see the train, to admire it's beauty and strength. Its whistle sounded to let them know it had arrived. The 061 . The conductor steps off and orders to unload, quick because this train would leave this town in 1 hour. To follow the rails to the next small town.

Yes, Okay I just made the story up but that is what I see. You may have another story.
I hope you enjoy both the art and the story.

May you always dream in color.


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

As I said before:) I love how you combine photos with your paintings. I know someone who is a history buff and would probably know what year this train photo was taken. I'll ask him to visit.

Have a good night, Katelen.

Unknown said...

Made up or not, I love the story. That black diagonal of smoke is great as well.

Stephen Dell'Aria said...
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Stephen Dell'Aria said...

It is difficult to know the exact year of your photo but the locomotive is a 4-4-0 American type. These were built from the mid 19th century until near the end of the century. Early versions were wood burning and had funnel shaped smoke stacks. Since yours is a straight stack, I will assume it is coal fired, thus a later version. I'd put the photo to be anywhere from 1875 to 1890. Sorry for the deleted post but I misspelled some words.

Manon said...

I love this piece Katelen!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Upon further investigation I find your locomotive, 061 was built by the Baldwin locomotive works in 1882 for the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe railroad. It remained in service until 1917 when it was scraped. The Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe RR. initially ran from Fort Worth Texas to Purcell, Oklahoma where it eventually interchanged with several other roads to obtain further trackage rights.