Friday, April 24, 2009

The Horizon One Place We Never Reach

10x10 Canvas, Acrylic. I started with this and was going with another direction and after glazing several layers. I stopped and looked and realized I liked it just the way it was. Simplicity. It reminds me no matter how far we travel, we never reach the horizon. It says to me , we always have another journey in our life as artist. We keep moving forward and creating but we never seem to reach the the destination.. There is always more steps to learn for creating. Always new techniques, and trying to master the old ways.
It is nice to sit down and enjoy the beauty of the horizon and relax and breath. But with out creating what would be the point of reaching the horizon.

May you always dream in color,


CountryDreaming said...

Absolutely love this abstract landscape of yours. It's rich, peaceful, balanced, and blended.

And fascinatingly enough, the random "word verification" generator just pulled up "grantera" which is close to the Spanish word "gran" and the Latin word "terra" ... the translation together being "great land." Wow.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Happens to be my favorite "earthy" colors.

Simplicity is sometimes what we need most. And, though we never seem to reach the horizon, it's good to sit back and enjoy the journey. Hmmm, this sounds very cliche:) Oh, well. It is what it is!

Dave King said...

This is superb. Very brave of you to go with it, I am full of admiration.