Wednesday, May 6, 2009


No art posted today, It has been awhile for me to get motivated or the time to create. I did this small journal of words and symbols to just take a glance at to remind me of the things that make me happy or just favorite things in life..The journal is small 3x5 moleskin journal..So I decided to make a place in my studio and make a inspiration board , to put them up and when I think of something new I will put a new word or symbol up . Maybe it will work, for me. These are just a few of them.. Maybe it will inspire you also..Maybe not.. I hope that it does...
But if you guys have some of your favorite words that inspire you or symbols, send them to me.
I might place them on my inspiration board and create that master piece...LOL..
Hope you have a great week.
May you always dream in color,


Every Photo Tells A Story said...

I think having an inspiratation board is a great idea. I made one a few months ago, now I just have to get in the habit of looking at it:)

I like the word "silence." That is one I think I'll borrow!

Jeane Myers said...

hello Katelen - I've had a wonderful time cruising your blog - i think I would choose the word balance :)

CountryDreaming said...

The images in your blog entry look like art to me. In fact, I was just at a hair cut studio the other day where they also exhibit art and one of the workers proudly showed me some paintings which were basically horizontal layers of color with random happy-looking words on them. In any case though, you and I seem to be coming from different angles ... For you, coming up with words is easy and images more of a challenge. With me it's just the reverse these days. Have new photos, am hoping to fit some good words to them. Have you any words I can borrow, my friend? I suppose I do have a word to offer you; it would be "challenge."

Rusted Wings said...

i've been thinking of doing an inspiration board to hang above my art desk instead of pictures taped to the wall....i like you ideas and work!! and thanks for your comment on my piece!!

Janet said...

This is a cool idea and one I think I might borrow. My word for this year is "grow" so that would be one I'd include.

Poetic Artist said...

thank for all the comments and including your word..I will use them and place your name on the back to remind who sent it to me..
Maybe that would be a good journal to share and sent around to use only one word or symbol. So what do you guys think of that?