Sunday, September 4, 2011

Looking through the Camera Lens through My Eyes.

 I have my camera on my shoulder while attending a small art show in the mountains of Alabama.. You ask where are the artist and where are their creative works.. I looked at all of them and there was some wonderful artist there.  Even one of my very special friends.. My camera did not look to the artist instead it pulled me to the ground.. The earth called to me and all I saw was beauty and texture and color.. My hand reached for my camera and my eyes were open and I dropped to my knees and I started see the world from the ground.. Did I notice if anyone was looking of course not..I am an artist and I do not even notice.. I am in my own space now.

 I moved and saw texture and  more texture..I could not paint but my eyes could  see and  my camera could touch and feel the rich color of shades of greys and browns.. So vivid and beautiful.  I took only a few steps and my camera moved  and a new element was added and it sent me in this direction. Of more beauty that lay on the ground.  Right at my feet and no one else had noticed..God gave all this beauty for me to see.. I felt blessed. I moved and my eyes moved to this and my camera became my paint brush. 

A fallen branch that had been stepped on and crumbled by the weather laid among the beauty. Tiny bits of green sprinkled around..Tiny twigs lay in its perfect spot. Then just a few steps away and I say the final destination of this journey .

A pathway of broken twigs and  how they connected to the roots from the tree leading me to follow it with my eyes and my camera a Pathway .  How it was Perfect and Simple to Me.. As Life should be..Everything on this earth made by the Perfect Love, God.  Then as I left this Mountain. I took my camera up for the last time to remember this day and took this Shot.  

May You have a wonderful week full of inspiration and Blessings.



~Babs said...

I've been away too long. I lost you in our move and a computer crash, so I was happy to see your comment on my blog.
I've thought often of you and your Mom,,,,wondered how you are both doing.

Beautiful, inspirational day you had with your camera. The beauty is all around us, as you say. Not often enough we take the time to look. Thanks for the reminder, and God bless you and your Mom both, Katelen.
I've missed you,,,

ArtPropelled said...

Such beautiful colours and textures you have captured. I would have felt exactly the same way, needing to focus on the beauty on the ground. Thanks for sharing, Katelen.

Manon said...

Love the look of your blog, Katelen!!!
Your pics are fantastic!!! : )

GlorV1 said...

Your photos are beautiful. I like the way you studied what was on the ground and then captured it's beauty. Nice work. Hope all is okay, my best to your mom. Have a great week, take care.

GalleryJuana said...

I love how you could get lost in thought and sight with your camera. I am that way too when I'm out photographing whatever captures my senses.

Looks like nature had many gifts to offer you on that day.

Thank you for your sweet and comforting words about Sputnik.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I could feel your words in my heart. I looked at what your eyes saw, and I too saw the beauty.
Your soul has inspiration. I feel it.
Thank you for kneeling down, and touching the earth with your eyes.

Laura said...

oh Katelen, this is so familiar to me...this is how I see the world too. The blessing of moving slowly with eyes wide open is that we are able to notice things others would walk right past and miss completely.

I hope you are feeling well my friend...the days are cooling down here and I am settling back into a quiet routine with my girls back at school...more time to take photos and paintbrushes and paints these days.