Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If the Shoe Fits

Sketch Book ..Did You know what it takes to step into one of these shoes with a four inch heel..
It takes Confidence and Courage... All of us women have it we just hide behind the fear..Where does the fear come from.  Do we create it our self ?   Yes, we do sometimes  but a lot of it comes from our enemy..The enemy is real.. He wants us to fall and stay on the ground.. So it is time to step into those shoes and defeat Fear and Let us rule our own steps with the help of our Creator..He can help us walk through anything and if at first when we step into those shoes and we are off  balance..He is there to hold our hand until we are steady on our feet..To walk onto new ground  and into new journeys.

Have a blessed week...And remember it does not have to be a four inch heal shoe, it can be your old converse.   Just put them on and be not afraid..

May you always dream in color.


Odd Chick said...

I think we could strutt some STUFF in those shoes. You're so right about the fear and the need for confidence!

Marilyn Rock said...

I could never walk in them but I love the look of them on others. Love this!

FYI: I have new blog:

I've had serious issues with Blogger and cannot access my login - they cannot fix it. I can visit others but not update my own.

A new beginning.....xxoo Marilyn