Thursday, July 14, 2011


A Tree in it's self..
The texture of its bark.
The depth of its color showing both light and dark.
Leaves of green thus turning to glorious colors in the fall.
Winter it goes into a rest.  I believe it is creating  and thinking of it's new beginning.
I suppose it does take naps. It does have to rest for the new beginning.
Trees are like people.. 
The bark comes in all different colors like people.
The Outside of Bark has texture just like skin.
It you touch it you can either feel the smooth or the ruff..
Leaves the same Has Hair. Except in reverse the only thing about Trees they get to start over.
People do not.
Trees just like People we all have to rest and create . 
This Tree has a scar and so do People..Some are visible some are not.
What if Trees did talk and tell  their stories.
They do talk. You just have to LISTEN....Just like People we just need to LISTEN...

I do love trees and I know a lot of other people out there does also..This one I just took the shot of it's scar
I could just see more than a scar. I could see?  What do you see?
Have a Creative Week and Beyond.



Caio Fern said...


Tammie Lee said...

fun to read your contemplation on trees
i spoke with a ranger once and he told me that trees and their health is much like people too

Mary said...

Oh Katelen, I see an angel!!

And maybe we don't get to start over, but I believe we get to start fresh.

Each day is a brand new day for us to live...

God's mercies are new every morning.

I love you my friend!

Noelle Dunn.... A Poet in Progress said...

I see an Angel!! Blessings to you my dear!!! HOpe you and Mom are well!

manomij said...

I can see the angel that came by on my blog to support me with her beautiful words!
Thank you so muchhhhh!!!
Love Manon Xx

Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful words with the photo. I see an angel there with the tree's scar! xxoo

lynne h said...

oh! i see a heart!! i think i have heart glasses on... : )

love, love!

Patti Edmon Artist said...

great analogy... I've always loved trees! hope you're having a great summer:)

Janet said...

This is a beautiful post. I love your thoughts on of my favorite things. I see an angel in the scar. Maybe it's the tree's guardian angel, looking out for it.

Kasas_Aka said...

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GalleryJuana said...

I love trees too and your thoughts on trees really spell out reasons why I love trees.

very cool photo and love the new look of your blog!

JoshuaPMestroni said...

I had a good look at the tree shedding it's good stuff! I have to admit there's something very perculiar about the picture and I think your nice little commentary made me want to look again and again.

It went from ugly, to misunderstood to perhaps a tree waking up on a sunday morning and going through the motions. Anyway just wanted to say really enjoyed reading your post and hope you do some more of the same. There can never be too much tree talk.