Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shadow Warrior

Canvas 16x20. I know I will get better at taking my own photographs of my art. I may have to ask for some help. HELP? Is there any one out there listening. There is so much you need to know, besides trying to create. Maybe you guys do not have has much trouble out there trying to get this all pulled together. If you do please leave me a comment . Give me some feed back. Please , is the art worth posting? Do I need to stick to finger painting?

May you always dream in color,


Dave King said...

You are JOKING, of course. That is a piece of art to die for. It is, quite simply, superb and as pulled together as any I've seen in a very long while. If we had an artist laureate up for grabs I would propose you.

Mary said...

This piece has lovely muted colors that set a very interesting mood.

I have trouble photographing my MM art and have learned that it is best to take them outside and not use a flash. I put them out on my porch where there is enough light but no direct sunlight. It also helps to have a camera program where you can crop the photograph so there will be no spaces left and the painting will fill the format. These programs usually have enhancers that help you correct the color and sharpness to match the piece in real life. I hope this helps.

CountryDreaming said...

If you want to feel better about how this awesome painting of yours with its stately curving majestic trees looks, you're welcome to take a look (if you think you can bear it) at my very first acrylic painting (make that, attempted painting) and read about how frustrating it can be to attend an art workshop and then just know that you are different.

Your artwork here is very pleasing, demonstrates talent, and highly qualifies in my mind as actual, real art. You've also chosen one of my very favorite subjects ... trees. I'm very glad I joined your blog so I can enjoy your style of work.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Hi Katelen: You have some beautiful artwork posted on your blog. I especially like(because of the colors) " A Walk into the Store of Yesterday." Since you asked for feedback, I will give it:) I took photography awhile back, but have never learned to photograph my pictures or scan them properly. However, I don't need to because I don't upload onto a website or blog.

If I were to, then I would take a class or get someone to personally help me. It is an important aspect because a good picture of your art presents it in the best light. A bad one, makes it look completely different. I hope this helps and was the kind of feedback you were looking for:)



This IS FANTASTIC!!!EVERYTHING ABOUT IT--I Love!! WOnderful Painting!!! I would buy this one if you would sell it!!

Petey has been missing for almost a whole day--he ran away...I may never recovery!! Hugs!!!(love you!!)