Monday, March 30, 2009

Stepping Out

This piece is about 12x15 in pastel on paper and matted and framed. This piece is about telling your self it is time to step out and take that leap of faith. As a artist, writer, poet or what ever your dream may be. I have yet to start selling my work, because of fear or maybe we put so much into a piece, it is hard sometimes to let go. It is time for me and you to step out and reach and believe in your self and have faith.

May you always dream in color,
The Poetic Artist,


CountryDreaming said...

This is a powerfully dimensional piece in which you convey so well the sense that this person is actually about to come walking right through the frame. I very much hope you'll take this to a gallery.

Dave King said...

I agree with CountryDreaming: it is a powerful piece. It is about all manner of things to me, but that's beside the point. I think you have broken through the bound barrier. You're free. Time to fly.