Friday, August 21, 2009

Softly and Quietly At Night

It happens at night the lush green moss appears over the rocks and it says quietly touch me.

They came up through the tunnel smaller than a 1/4 of inch in diameter to look for a new Home.
Softly they spoke the Fairy Language that human ears can not hear. They walked in silence and what did they find.. Homes already built for them.

Built perfect for vacation time..The mushroom houses will only stay for a short time and then will leave softly and quietly along with the fairies at night. You do believe? Don't You?
Have a great weekend and remember the beauty in the small things in life that surrounds us.


Mary said...

OMG love the pictures, love more the words!!

We can miss so much beauty!

Thank you Katelen, may you have a blessed weekend.

Hugs to you and your Mama!!

m. heart said...

I love this. Have a wonderful weekend Katelen!

Anonymous said...

I believe in fairies, I do, I do!
Anything that you believe in your heart is true. We make our own universe and open up to love and adventure!

This is such a lovely post.
Thank you so much for your message, such a great idea to keep a journal of you're dreams.

Karin Bartimole said...

so dang sweet!! I just love that soft green moss... we have had more mushrooms popping up in our fairyland this summer than I ever remember having before - even in my cacti pots! The other day I was watching a squirrel, and he hopped over to one and plucked it from it's stem, broke it in half and bit right down - munched away happily! It was too cute :) hope you're enjoying your weekend ❤ Karin

Janet said...

Yes, I do believe! Moss is one of my favorite feels like velvet to me. And I love the color of it.

We have been having mushrooms popping up in our yard lately. I guess the fairies are moving in.

Winterwood said...

moss is lovely - too little of it here though due to the heat!

have a lovely weekend there katelen!

Odd Chick said...

this was enchanting! we don't get many mushrooms in the desert of dry New Mexico but I'll never look at another one quite the same.

Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

Magical post. Enjoyed your words and photos.

Dave King said...

A really lovely post. Fantastic in the true meaning of the word.