Thursday, January 7, 2010

Three Worlds

15x18 on Birch Panel. This one of those pieces you work on and then you sit it down. You come back to it , look at it and sit it down.. I did this , too many times to mention. LOL... Yet when I finished it. The wait had been worth it to me.
The number 3 is used in many cultures for many reasons.
Beginning, a Middle and the End.
Mind, Soul, Spirit.
Number 3 manifest in some form of the physical in one way or another.
Some say bad comes in 3 and some say good comes in 3.
We do things in 3's with out knowing it.
Do you believe in 3's?
May you always dream in color.


Janet said...

I'm glad you kept coming back to it. It's beautiful! And, yes, three has always been significant for birthday is 21 which is 2 + 1 = 3.

Manon Doyle said...

Yes... i believe in threes!! I just adore this new piece!! It's just beautiful!!
Btw... i always dream in!

Mary said...

This evokes such feeling. I can hear ocean waves crashing upon the shore, though I cannot see the water. I get a glimpse of the waves just below the center of the painting. But in the darknest night there is always light!!

Loved reading about your Mama's snow memories.
sweet remembrances for her, and you!


Martha Lever said...

Yes, I believe in 3's. God uses the number 3 in His Word all the time. I love this painting. It is wonderful and had such depth.

And he, if impatient me can do calligraphy, surely you can too!!!
That is such a precious picture of your mom. I miss my mom so much!

Martha Lever said...

That was suppose to be hey---not he---it's late and my fingers are working too well. G' night!

Renee said...

Katelen this is lovely. xoxo

m. heart said...

This is beautiful!
I think you and Maggie's Secret Garden are on the same wavelength this week!

Marilyn Rock said...

This piece really transcends me! Beautiful!

jgr said...

I love the mysterious quality of this piece. It's dark without being 'ominous' which is very cool.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I believe that this is a beautiful piece...the lovely balance of three worlds helps the composition but it is the whole piece that works...lovely texture.

Jasmine said...

This picture is beautiful. I could never tire of looking at it. i am so interested in symbolism and icons... I'm sure the meanings are so wove into the faric of our cultures that we understand them suconsciously, without thought!

layers said...

I believe that odd numbers are best in paintings-- 1 or 3 or 5...
so 3 is good. this one looks asian to me

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Greetings Katelan,

Three is so important in art for balance, while in life it is rather a negative sequence.

Your painting is interesting as there is something mysterious yet magical about it. I have always loved the night and the moon and though there are three possible moons, plants, I just get lost within the imagination.

Thank you for sharing,

Renee said...

I would much rather have been at your meeting, there is no doubt of that.


Lynette said...

Hi Katelen, I think your art is really lovely, original and inspiring. Thanks for visiting my blog so I could find yours too, yours is a treasure to see and read. I am so sorry your Mom is sick and my heart breaks for you. I lost mine a little over 2 years ago from Alzheimers and I know how really hard it is and my thoughts are with you.

maggie's garden said...

Thank you for stopping by at Maggie's garden. I love your blog. Your artwork above is just beautiful. The three orbs are my favorite. We are creating a matrix of conscious thought. With our hearts, we sprinkle new thought and idea in the minds and hearts of those we bump into here, and that makes me smile.

~Babs said...

Katelen, this is THE most beautiful work!
The mystery, intrigue,,,light from the dark.
Yes, I believe in 3's.
The Holy Trinity, comes first to mind.

Campbell Jane said...

I LOVE this piece!

Brandi Evans said...

I can feel a cool summer night .. the breeze just perfect while you are sitting outside gazing at the sky! Love this

San said...

I do believe in threes, although I'm most familiar with home appliances breaking down in threes. :(

Your "Three Worlds," however, doesn't remind me of that kind of trouble trio. It's more along the lines of the Trinity. Just heavenly!

Kass said...

Very unique. I like the multi- ness of your art and personality. I am also taking care of my mom. She's 96. It's inspiring to hear your willingness and love.

Gallery Juana said...

This is a beautiful piece.
There is something about the number 3. The Japanese bride and groom will drink 3 times from a sake cup during a traditional wedding.