Thursday, July 28, 2011

Repost For The Buried Treasure over at Seth's Blog The Altered Page

This is a really a buried Treasure it is from 2009..One of first post when I started my Blog..I am still taking care of my Mom and it is still a blessing to have her with me..Even though her mind and memory is slipping away from her..Which makes me so sad and I am trying to treasure every moment of each thought she can still remember.
Thank you Seth for doing this again..It makes us look back and find all those treasures we have forgotten and also to see so many wonderful artists.  So if you have not been to his blog..Please do so you will be in for a treat..
This piece I have done is a 9/12 on canvas.. It is done in all acrylic with a top coat of gloss varnish. The Title is called Shattered.. The reason because of the mind either due to disease or of age the pieces become shattered and the brain can not be repaired and become whole again. So it will always be a search. Looking for the pieces, small or large of  your life.

Today is the Day..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Journal Page and New Look.

Journal page in a book that I thought would be fun because of the texture of the paper.. Wrong, So this will probably be the the only page used on this book..So I will tear it out and paste it into another book..That is another day.
I changed  the look of my blog..Tired of the old and not sure if I am pleased with the new.
We shall see.
The heat here in the south is so humid..Just want to stay inside and stay cool.  That is what I do most of the days except to escape to the grocery store.  Like that is a fun escape..LOL.
Have a good week and as Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman...Stay Cool.
How I love that movie...I may put that on my to watch list again for the 100th time.


Thursday, July 14, 2011


A Tree in it's self..
The texture of its bark.
The depth of its color showing both light and dark.
Leaves of green thus turning to glorious colors in the fall.
Winter it goes into a rest.  I believe it is creating  and thinking of it's new beginning.
I suppose it does take naps. It does have to rest for the new beginning.
Trees are like people.. 
The bark comes in all different colors like people.
The Outside of Bark has texture just like skin.
It you touch it you can either feel the smooth or the ruff..
Leaves the same Has Hair. Except in reverse the only thing about Trees they get to start over.
People do not.
Trees just like People we all have to rest and create . 
This Tree has a scar and so do People..Some are visible some are not.
What if Trees did talk and tell  their stories.
They do talk. You just have to LISTEN....Just like People we just need to LISTEN...

I do love trees and I know a lot of other people out there does also..This one I just took the shot of it's scar
I could just see more than a scar. I could see?  What do you see?
Have a Creative Week and Beyond.


Monday, July 4, 2011