Thursday, January 26, 2012


Vase or Vessel? .
This is just another little sketch in my little book.  I saw this beautiful hand blown glass piece in the Huntsville Art Museum.  This sketch does not even come close to it's beauty but just for a quick sketch it will remind me of its beauty.  So I wrote down Vase..But if I could change the word it would be Vessel.. A vessel reminds me of our own body for we are a vessel...


Mary said...

i love your drawings in your book.
i love you too!
hope you are doing well.

oh, i love what you "saw" in my painting...i have been "seeing" lots, some of the same things you saw. will post about it later.

Momo Luna said...

Like Mary also wrote: these drawings in your book are wonderful.
I like the idae from vase to vessel.
Sweet greetz!

jbkrost said...

your back!!
Nice work

Laura said...

the most precious vessels, fragile, reflective, translucent...holders of soul.