Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reach and Paint Your Dreams

This is a sketch in my sketch book. I do not seem to get any more than the sketch. I am reaching but it seems life is holding me down. Maybe it is me that is holding back instead of life holding me back.
Sometimes it is hard to know if it is our fear of failure or the fear of living our dreams.
I think if we keep trying that is the important thing. Except now I am not sure I am even trying.
OK so lets get on with other things.
I do hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving ,where it was with family or friends. We went out for lunch instead of cooking at home. Me and My brother took my Mom out to lunch. So my Mom enjoyed seeing my brother..He is the one that hung the moon. I am just the one that does everything else. LOL..

What's Not Here

I start out on this road, call it love or emptiness, I only know what's not here: resentment seeds, back-scratching greed, worrying about out come, fear of people. When a bird gets free, it doesn't go back for remnants left on on the bottom of the cage! Close by, I'm rain. Far off, a cloud of fire.
I seem restless, but I am deeply at ease. Branches tremble; the roots are still.
I am a universe in a handful of dirt, whole when totally demolished. Talk about choices does not apply to me. When intelligence considers options.
I am somewhere lost in the wind.....

Have a good week and Reach for what ever you want.

May you always dream in color.


Janet said...

Beautiful quote! And I like the sketch of the hand....I find hands so difficult to do. I think as long as you're trying you're doing something. Just don't give up on yourself....ever. You have so much talent. I love your art.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

It's a lovely sketch, great quote and I'll add my pennies worth of wisdom...just showing up, that is all to be expected some days...just showing up at the sketch pad, at the easel. Thank you for your good wishes!

Jeane Myers said...

hello Katelen - I say it is 'the fear of living our dreams' and I think you are extremely wise to have thought this - fear is a gift to make us reach our potential by challenging the fear and living the dream takes great courage - your sketch is wonderful :)

Marilyn Rock said...

Love reading your thoughts and words with this sketch! Keep reaching; you've reached out to us and got us thinking! xxoo

Mary said...

Good morning sweetie. I think the fears are mixed. I think there is fear of failure in the living of our dreams.

Katelen, you are in a difficult place right now. It is not easy to care for an elderly parent however much you love her, and I know you do! You will have to take the much needed time for yourself that you need.

This sketch is really, really good Katelen!

Praying you have a peaceful week!

Love you!

Caio Fern said...

wonderfuly done this hand Katelen .
sketch book .... i don't know .
i don't use it . i prefer to try on the work directly . or it would wold me back .

see you .
have a great week .

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Excellent sketch, would like to see all of it.

Jasmine said...

Mmmh, Dreaming in colour. Makes me think of rainbows. You take care :)

nancy neva gagliano said...

another discovery in the blog! i'll continue to take a tour of your posting, appreciating your thoughts, good wishes, your drawings, and photos!! such perspective looking up at the sky through the remains of the big tree. thanks for the intro!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katelen, you hand is brilliant. Loved the world world part in the tiny piece of soil. Large thoughts and very intuitive.
So deep!
Here's to you having the most fabulous day ever with many more to come!



jgr said...

I like your sketch and your whole post. Sometimes . . . we are not ready to move forward - yet. I say keep sketching and dreaming.

Zom said...

Creativity has cycles like the seasons. If you feel blocked, don't worry, just gently continue forward and things will move when the seasons change.