Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sketch book and cup of coffee at 3AM

Yes it was 3am when I woke up and I could not go back to sleep. So what else is there to do but put on the coffee and sit in your favorite spot and sketch. Waiting for the sun to come up..
Where did she come from? I do not know. She was just waiting to for me to pick up my pencil and find her. We have so much in our head and heart that we can not imagine.. The sad thing is we use so little of all that is inside of us.
I have reading all your blogs and visiting a few new ones. There are so many wonderful artist out there in blog land. You can sit for hours just looking which I have been known to do....
It is usually late at night or early in the am..
Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the day. I am going to sit here and finish my coffee and wait for the sun to rise.



Debbie said...

I just found your blog...waving to you from SC! You're so brave to take care of your sick mother...I really admire anyone who can do that! I enjoyed your paintings and your sketch! Have a nice Sunday!

Caio Fernandes said...

you too have a wonderful sunday when you wake up Katelen .
i like so much to get awaken till late of night sketiching .
where did she come fron ?
misterys of the night . maybe her eyes can tell you something .
see you dear !!

Mary said...

I am glad you had some time to sit in the quiet and sketch and enjoy your coffee - time to just be.

I am praying it is a quiet, peaceful day for you, and a good day for your mom!

Manon Doyle said...

Where did she come from? Your spirits probably sent her!! I love getting inspired in the middle of the night!!
Have a wonderful day Katelen!!

pinkglitterfae said...

how wonderful! You've got the right idea to get up and do something useful. Last night I was painting until 2am, went to bed, and was still awake at 4 am. I simply wasn't tired, now I wish I'd just gotten up and created something rather than lying in bed waiting to fall asleep. Darn insomnia!
That is a lovely photo of your mom you have on the side, she looks sweet!

Marilyn Rock said...

"She" your muse woke you up :) She's terrific!

Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Nice sketch and a curious face, especially with the rings to side labeled silence. That adds a mystery to the entire drawing.

Donna B said...

Hello from Henderson, Nevada. First off, God Bless you for caring for your Mom. My Dad has Alzheimer's and lives in CA. My blog started out and is mainly, about him...but I toss in other things going on in my life, plus my art, poetry, photos, and Izzy girl by new rescued pup. I agree, there are so many talented artists out there, and I too can get lost in cyberspace surfing various peoples blogs...but, that is how I found you!!

Debrina said...

Hi Katelen, how are you? You should very shortly be getting some bits of paper from em. Let me know when my envelope arrives, ok!
This one is your muse and your angel, Katelen! Hard work and not much reward when looking after our loved ones (although I know you feel very blessed to be looking after your mum)...your muse could be your guardian angel...she may have woken you up to say thank you.

jgr said...

I agree: She is your muse and she woke you up so you could sketch her. I am glad to discover your blog. I'm sending prayers to you and your Mom, it's good that you're able and willing to be with her at this time. I was able to take care of my Mom in her last months and it was a blessing for both of us.

Mary said...

Katelen, wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


ArtPropelled said...

You are so right....there is so much more within us that we never get to express. This train of thought keeps me pondering for hours. I often wonder what talents we might have that never see the light of day. Sometimes it's the ponderings that bring forth little snippets of ourselves that have been dormant. Your sketch might well be of your muse waiting for expression. Love the Benjamin Franklin quote.

The Artist Within Us said...

Sounds very familiar, except of reaching for my sketch pad, I'll have a cup of tea and cruise the blogesphere for new art sites.

There are many talented artists and it is rather humbling, while also placing ones own art into perspective.

I am glad to see you were able to release the voice that needed to be heard as you hand moved across the paper and sketched the face that is before yo now. It is not always easy for someone to be guided by unknown forces or without intellectual thinking getting in the way.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday,

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