Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beauty of Corrosion



Corrosion.. These are photos taken through the walk of yesterday.
All Nature is but Art, unknown to thee,
All chance, direction, which thous canst not see.
All discord, harmony not understood.
All partial evil, universal good.
And, spite of pride, in erring reason's spite.
One truth is clear, Whatever Is, Is Right.
Alexander Pope...


Anonymous said...

i love these pics..timeworn beauty. and so true..'whatever is, is right' :)

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

These are great fodder for backgrounds or abstracts. Love collecting these kinds of micro shots.

GlorV1 said...

Yes, these are very nice, all beautified by the natural elements. Thanks for sharing and the quote is beautiful as well. Take care.

illustration poetry said...

very nice texture :)

~Babs said...

Ah yes,,,wonderful corrosion!
And that is a great quote too,,and so true:
"all nature is but art unknown"

Happy late Birthday, Katelen!

Mary said...

yes, beauty in the corrosion.

beauty in the breaking down of the old.
maybe making way for the new?????


Caterina Giglio said...

all nature is art! yup!! love these photos!!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Great photos and I would imagine a pleasant summer walk...seeing nature at it's everyday best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katelen, so lovely to hear from you.
Reading the Seth returns books there are steps of bringing yourself to know your soul self. He says we are much bigger than just our body. We have many parts of us playing roles in this life aswell as past and future selfs. Really there is no time. We think linear but true reality isn't this way.
Example is feeling all of a sudden sad and depressed for no reason and we act out of character. Is coming from one of our other selfs in past or present and by sending love to them mentally can make a huge difference.
We are in a dream or play learning out our lessons. Which can be anything negative that we can learn to forgive and love. Say there is someone you really cannot stand and feel they get in your face. They have agreed with you before this rebirth to help you in a lesson which you wish to grow from. Neither of you know this as we are born with amnesia so we can concentrate on these. We are so much more magnificant than here and would probably just stand in awe while in the physical body if we knew the hole picture and wouldn't get anything done on this third dimension.
In the book he also teachs how to focus and see the reality around us and go to our higer self to talk with our spirit guides etc.
I am opening up slowly and my mind does'nt concentrate well during the day so thought I would try to catch myself while asleep as this is a time when we astral travel etc(well we can do this during the day also)
I tried the relaxing technigues just before sleep I kept reminding myself I wanted to stay aware of this time.
It did tire me out and have just wanted to go to full sleep these last two nights but will be trying this again.
Hope this helps. I know to some this all may seem total nuts but it is a wonderful journey.

Loads of love!


Marilyn Rock said...

Great texture!

Griselda said...

Nature...such an inspiration, even when things start to decay, I love all the colors and textures.
Great blog.

Momo Luna S!gnals said...

Yes! i also love corrosion and rusty andór smutted things. :-)