Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It is time to take a extended Break

This is My Mom and Me..I have been trying to do to much of so many other things..I am exhausted mentally and physical.  My Mother is my first priority..Why because she first loved me and cared for me and gave everything to me..She worked a full time job and then she came home to clean our home and cook and everything else that needed to be done..Why because she loved me and she put me before her self.. She gave up things she might have wanted because she wanted to give me more.. 
So I choose to do the the same thing for her..Not because of quilt because of love..She has taught me more about Love in these years of taking care of her.  Yes there are things I would like to be doing but God has blessed me with her and I want to honor her and God...
She is slipping away from me every day more and more..So this is the place I need to be taking care of her.
As you have noticed I have not been posting very much..Why because I have not been creating.  Now is just not the season..I have realized that..
I will post now and then but it will be pictures of Her and the things she is doing and the words we share.
Yes, it is stressful for Care Givers and I hope if there are more of you out there caring for your parents..I hope I can give you were of encouragement..  You are not alone and if I can ever help or just listen..Let me know..Yes there will be days you want to give up..But you want..There will be days you will want to scream and you will..There will be days of tears..Let them run down your face...But the best is there will be so many days of Love and words you will share.. I love you Mother and I kiss her soft cheek and she kisses mine and says I Love you more.  It is worth every moment.

I love you Mother.
Your daughter,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If the Shoe Fits

Sketch Book ..Did You know what it takes to step into one of these shoes with a four inch heel..
It takes Confidence and Courage... All of us women have it we just hide behind the fear..Where does the fear come from.  Do we create it our self ?   Yes, we do sometimes  but a lot of it comes from our enemy..The enemy is real.. He wants us to fall and stay on the ground.. So it is time to step into those shoes and defeat Fear and Let us rule our own steps with the help of our Creator..He can help us walk through anything and if at first when we step into those shoes and we are off  balance..He is there to hold our hand until we are steady on our feet..To walk onto new ground  and into new journeys.

Have a blessed week...And remember it does not have to be a four inch heal shoe, it can be your old converse.   Just put them on and be not afraid..

May you always dream in color.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Looking through the Camera Lens through My Eyes.

 I have my camera on my shoulder while attending a small art show in the mountains of Alabama.. You ask where are the artist and where are their creative works.. I looked at all of them and there was some wonderful artist there.  Even one of my very special friends.. My camera did not look to the artist instead it pulled me to the ground.. The earth called to me and all I saw was beauty and texture and color.. My hand reached for my camera and my eyes were open and I dropped to my knees and I started see the world from the ground.. Did I notice if anyone was looking of course not..I am an artist and I do not even notice.. I am in my own space now.

 I moved and saw texture and  more texture..I could not paint but my eyes could  see and  my camera could touch and feel the rich color of shades of greys and browns.. So vivid and beautiful.  I took only a few steps and my camera moved  and a new element was added and it sent me in this direction. Of more beauty that lay on the ground.  Right at my feet and no one else had noticed..God gave all this beauty for me to see.. I felt blessed. I moved and my eyes moved to this and my camera became my paint brush. 

A fallen branch that had been stepped on and crumbled by the weather laid among the beauty. Tiny bits of green sprinkled around..Tiny twigs lay in its perfect spot. Then just a few steps away and I say the final destination of this journey .

A pathway of broken twigs and  how they connected to the roots from the tree leading me to follow it with my eyes and my camera a Pathway .  How it was Perfect and Simple to Me.. As Life should be..Everything on this earth made by the Perfect Love, God.  Then as I left this Mountain. I took my camera up for the last time to remember this day and took this Shot.  

May You have a wonderful week full of inspiration and Blessings.