Friday, April 9, 2010


This is a 15x20 acrylic on wood..This is one of those you pick up and paint on it and lay it down. Come back days or weeks and paint on it again and lay it down.. To me I finally finished and it is called Eye Believe.
I believe some days are wonderful and some days are not.
I believe in good friends and lots of laughter.
I believe most people in life somewhere have goodness in the heart and I believe some do not.
I believe some days one glass of wine is all I need some days It is not..
I believe I was born for a reason but I have yet to find it.
I believe life is a beautiful journey, if you are looking in the right places.
I believe in some of my dreams and some are what I had for dinner....LOL
I believe red is my favorite color and yellow is not
I believe I am a artist with the heart of a poet.
I believe in God.
I believe I could go on for every but I am not.....

I know you can add to my list...Lets me know what you believe in and lets be honest.
May You Always Dream In Color...


Joanne Olivieri said...

First, this art piece is billiant. I love the composition and it is just so fascinating.

I believe once I leave this earth I will be back again and hopefully as a tree.

Kass said...

That painting is Picasso -ish.
My beliefs haunt me, they nip at my ankles and spur me onward. Every day. I believe that art heals. I believe the universe is a construct of glimmering love-filled consciousness - some people call this God. There is so much more, but I'm glad you asked. It makes me feel grateful.

Caio Fern said...

ahh . i DO believe that you are fantastic and this painting is wonderful .
i believe that your list is great and i agree with it all . i could use these words as mines .
i believe you have the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen in my entire life .
i believe that one of the many reasons you were born for is to have this blog and spread your soul all over the world making everybody's life better .


i believe that you are going to have a lovely weekend full of fun and sweet moments !!
i believe that i am sending these hugs and kisses just for you :D

Anonymous said...

I believe in laughter and goodness.
I believe in sunshine even on a cloudy day.

I believe I love your poetic beauty!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

pchickki said...

Lovely post and nice painting!
I believe in friends and sharing.
I believe that you should always tell someone when you love them.
I believe prayers are answered
I believe in God and angels and heaven :)

Ces Adorio said...

hello Katelen, thank you for stopping by again. Sweet Manon is my twin sisterfriend and we hand out together as often as we could but she has never shared her sun chips with me, can you believe it? She shares her heart but not the sun chips! There's priority for you!

I needed this today. Today I wanted very much to hit the F-POT of someone I love very much with a real pot. But I believe I was wrong to think of such...

I believe someday I should start drinking, maybe it will solve a few of my constricted derriere issues.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Powerful work...very strong in color and shapes.
I believe in the power of love...absolutely!

JRonson said...

Super expressionist work, the eyes have such a great power :) i believe that u r a truly artist

Marilyn Rock said...

This is very dramatic; I love it! Profound really!

Caterina Giglio said...

very expressive and bright work...

Kelly M. said...

I believe in hope, not despair. I believe in light, not darkness. I believe in my dreams, not my nightmares. And yes, the list could go on forever -- wonderful entry, Katelen. Wishing you peace and joy!!!

Mary said...

very cool piece Katelen. I am partial to those colors.

I believe the world is not as it should be, as it was created to be. I believe in a redeeming God, who loves us and longs to show us his love, and bring us back to him. I believe we are all wounded, broken and all have the need for healing. I believe that healing is available. I believe we all work to hard at trying to be good, look good, and to look like we have it all together when what we need is is to allow God to do the changing in us that no amount of our good intentions will accomplish. I believe in the amazing Grace God freely offers.

Much love to you Katelen!

Janet said...

Great piece! Love the vivid colors.

I believe in keeping a positive attitude, and smiling.

Paul C said...

I believe in balance, a yin yang of emotions and actions;
Buds bursting amidst the decayed leaves of longing and hurt.

Manon said...

I believe that I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing your art!! Thank you!! Love this one!!

Gary Keimig said...

interesting posts and art work.
Great job

Odd Chick said...

i love this painting and the grafitti like effect it had on me and then the words that fit so perfectly. i believe that art is an expression of God's image in us- as you've shown us so beautifully.

GlorV1 said...

I believe I'm happy that I was introduced to your blog. I am finding it very fascinating.
I love that piece. Great job.
I believe that when I do art, I'm at peace within myself. My soul comes onto the canvas and dances to life. I do believe that.