Sunday, July 5, 2009

Maybe a Little Greedy

4x4 on canvas. This past week I have only walked into my studio and just sat. I pick up paper, gesso canvas, lay things on my work table waiting for something to happen. It has not..
I walk the floor, I look at the window, I change the music.. Still nothing..It is so frustrating. I pick up my camera and looked through the lens and it all looks the same.
I suppose it just goes with our life..My mother is not having a good week. So I worry, and why because that is what I am good at..LOL... At least this week.
You might want to click on the piece to get a better and a closer view.
I hope you all have a good week. Thanks for stopping and listen to me whine...
May you always dream in color,


readingsully2 said...

Hi katelyn...I love whining...LOL

Brandi said...

this happens to me all the time! Just go with it! :)

Patti said...

It will happen.
I love the little image.
Everyone needs to whine now and then.
I am a good listener...whine away!

Blenda said...

Yes, I know the feeling! Nice to know I'm not alone and maybe sort of normal. Normal for an artist at least.

Marilyn Rock said...

I think your words are artistic so when you think you're not creating, you really are :) Love this piece and your words are great! I do fully understand what you're saying; I have a painting I've started and just cannot get back into it. The small things I can handle but this large canvas is just leaving me blank. We'll get it back :) xxoo Hope your mom is feeling better. I know, too, when personal things are going on around me w/ family or myself; that effects my art mojo.

self taught artist said...

i dont think you are whining. i also wouldn't expect loads of creativity to be flowing through you when you are taking care of your mom. creativity, to me, comes from a healthy place that has lots of SPACE, so when blips come out even during busy/hard/tough times its a miracle! I honestly don't know how other people make art when their lives are full to the top.

jgr said...

No, you're not whining, you're venting which is healthy. As you know It is hard work to take care of a sick loved one. I'm sending you prayers. Thank you for the comment, I'm glad to discover your blog and your artwork.