Friday, July 10, 2009


This is just something I had in my studio in the stack of work that is called not sure!!!!! So since I have not had any time to work in my studio this week..I feel like I must share something.
This week has been the week to do other things that are necessary.. Go to the grocery store for my mom, clean her studio apartment.. I am cook, maid, waitress and Gardener, dog walker and what ever my mom can think of that has to be done NOW!!!! Then oh yes then there is my home and all that goes with that.. Very little time for my self and art..
On this piece it is done on water color paper and it is done with acrylic and ink. The color does not show up very good.. 15x20.. You will have to click on the picture to read the words and see it. Sorry the camera and the photographer not working very well together..LOL

I hope every one has a good weekend.

May you always dream in color,


Patti said...

I love this background!!! Very very nice !
Hey thanks for stopping by my blog today and the kind comments you left and yes I will be right over to help you learn Photoshop. After what I went through to learn I am willing to help anyone that I can.

Again, I love this piece!!!!!!!!! The colors are extraordinary!

Have a great weekend!

Mary said...

Good morning Katelen - this is lovely.
Though it is a blessing, and you love her dearly, having another to care for is difficult at times. Make sure you take time for yourself.


Janet said...

The colors on this one are beautiful!! It makes me think of autumn. And your words are great....good message.

Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

Beautiful, rich colors in this piece. I love to see writing and words in art pieces. It gives another window into the artist's heart.

Brandi said...

I like the writing on this piece and where you have placed it!

You have a HUGE heart Katelen .. you show it through loving your mom and the care you give for her, I can only imagine it is tough work. God is certainly with you! Carve out some time for you too, forget the dishes and cleaning one day!! xx .. Blessings

Bevie said...

Hi there Katelen would you please stop by my blog and pick up a little award I have for you???

Marilyn Rock said...

Terrific background! Take care of you this week!

rivergardenstudio said...

Very beautiful warm colors and I love your verse... Roxanne

C.L. Dawn Yang said...

words so touching and love the colors