Monday, July 13, 2009

The Two Things In My Life that Can Wake Me Up!!!

My Cat HENRY always seem to wake me up at 6AM! Why because to him it is breakfast time.
He is known as the FAT CAT!!!! LOL..

Expresso!!!!! Know as AHHHHH!!!!
So I am not a morning person. It is better if I do not speak until at least 9am.. It seems Henry loves to wake me up with this really strong manly MEOW.....Not once but several several times until I get up and feed him..Around 6am..So I stumble out of bed, I am really not sure if my eyes are open are not..I do find the food, open it and put it into the bowl..I always seem to find my self back to the bed... Then maybe a little later I wake to the smell of the aroma!!
It does open my eyes, but still I do not speak until, I have the first cup..
Then guess what the big fat cat Henry is back in bed asleep and expects to be left alone so he can sleep all day!!!!!!! LOL>>>
So I thought since I really am not in the studio much lately. Life is part of our art..It gives us inspiration..
So I hope this gives you inspiration. Or at least a smile.
I hope soon I will be back in my studio.
May you always dream in color,


Manon Doyle said...

Henry is so sweet! I also get up early and feed my dog, Otis. He goes right back to bed just like!

Mary said...

I love cats!!!! He looks very handsome! Does he have two different color eyes?? I am having cat problems at the moment. We found a little barn kitten - Jack - our oldest cat has adjusted just fine, she has been through kittens a few times. But Flirt, only 2 does not like having another little one around, and thought Flirt is the biggest cat by far she runs whenever she see Jack!! Now Cali the oldest is going after Flirt!!! Don't quite know what to do.

Hope you espresso was extra tasty this morning!!

Blessings and hugs!

Patti said...

Oh, is that why Tucker (my fat cat) makes such whiney noises first thing - lol. I agree about art being life, I sure haven't been in the studio much - which I hope to remedy this week while my kids are at camp!
Love the art you have been doing!

Blenda said...

Henry---I love his name! He's a very handsome cat. Yum,that espresso sure looks tasty with the foam on top. Just the way I like it, too.

Lumilyon said...

Henry is VERY handsome! Did you hear the news that cats have learned how to manipulate humans with a particular frequency and tome og purr? We cat owners have always known that, haven't we???? I think they're spacemen running the planet in furry suits...

Janet said...

Your Henry sounds a lot like our Harley! Even on the weekend when he can sleep later, my husband is always nudged awake by Harley who gets right up in my husband's face and purrs until he wakes up. When Harley gets some attention then he's happy and wanders off to sleep the rest of the day.

Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

Henry is handsome! My cat does the same in the early morning hours. She will spring board off my chest repeatedly. We love them though, don't we!

Fin said...

Hi thanks for stopping by my Buried Treasure post. I liked yours too but when I saw Henry I knew I had to comment here.

I liked the work with the bird best but all of your things are lovely. Nice to meet you.

C.L. Dawn Yang said...

Love Henry and coffee!!! Please give Henry and Mom a big hug!!!

readingsully2 said...

So cute.

Cestandrea said...

Katelen, your art and words here put a big smile on my face this morning:) Thanks so much for visiting my blog so that have the chance now to discover your's. Love your art, your "not listening to negative thoughts", your art techniques and poetic paintings.
And guess what: This morning, Oscar the big cat, woke me up at 6 (again). Fortunately, I just need to go to the tin which holds his dry food, cause I think the smell of tinned cat food would make me unhappy in the morning:):)
Have a wonderful day,